President of MAPNA Group Abbas Aliabadi called for expansion of international ties to increase the pace of development and boost competitive advantage during his speech at ASIALICS conference on Tuesday, August 29, 2017.

Aliabadi, who spoke as guest speaker on the first day of the 14th edition of the conference, stressed the necessity of collaboration with international companies. “For rapid progress in the path of development, international collaboration is a necessity,” Chairman of MAPNA Group’s President said. “Exclusive reliance on domestic capacity increases cost of products and makes competition difficult, if not impossible.”

Aliabadi also called for stronger ties with research institutes, and robust financial ties and sound marketing as necessary factors for competition in the technology market. He pointed to MAPNA Group’s successful experience of collaboration with prestigious academic institutes such as Shahid Behest University and the University of Tehran which contributed to MAPNA Group’s advances in turbine design and manufacturing.

MAPNA Group’s CEO cited the company’s recently launched product, MGT-70 (3) gas turbine, as an example of the group’s achievement in collaboration with academia. “MAPNA now owns technology and knowhow on different classes of turbines” he added.

The 14th edition of ASIALICS International Conference was held on 29-31 August 2017 in Tehran, Iran. The conference aims to stimulate the establishment of knowledge-based strategies and economic development in Asia. This year’s edition’s theme was “Technological Learning, Innovation and Catching-up in the context of International Collaboration”.


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