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MAPNA Group is a conglomerate of Iranian companies involved in development and execution of thermal and renewable power, oil & gas, railway transportation and other industrial projects as well as manufacturing main equipment.

Since establishment in 1993, MAPNA Group has been involved in more than 100 projects valuing over 30 billion euros. Commissioned power plants by the group hold a total capacity of more than 35000 MW, while the total capacity of commissioned and awarded power plants exceeds 45000 MW. Synchronized capacity of power plants constructed by MAPNA constitutes nearly half of Iran’s general power capacity.

MAPNA’s Status

  • The first and largest general contractor of power plants in the Middle East and West Asia
  • The first and largest manufacturer of all major power plant equipment in Iran
  • The first and largest investor in private power plant projects in Iran
  • General contractor ofupstream and middle stream projectsintheoil and gasindustry
  • Manufacturer of locomotivesand moderator of rail transportprojectsin Iran

Honors and Awards

During these years, the Mapna Group has secured significant achievements. According to the latest assessment by the Industrial Management Institute of Iran, part of these achievements is a s follows:

  • Being among the top 10 power plant manufacturers in the world based on Gas Turbine World’s evaluation of the power plant industry
  • More than 60,000 MW of power generated by the Mapna Group’s synchronized units, units under construction and units under negotiation
  • The Mapna Group’s total 46.8% share of installed synchronized power projects in Iran
  • The Mapna Group’s total 60% share of installed synchronized power projects in related businesses in Iran
  • Construction of Risot and Qarn Alam power stations in Oman, Al-Sadr and Ḥaydaria power stations in Iraq, as well as Tashrin and Jandar power stations in Syria, and the complete overhaul of Belawan power station in Indonesia
  • Participation in international tenders in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Algeria, Malaysia, Oman, and Pakistan
  • Signing more than 20 contracts for transferring the knowledge of designing, engineering and manufacturing equipment and project management with prominent international companies such as Siemens, Krohne and Fuhrlander (Germany); ABB (Switzerland), Doosan (South Korea), Macchi (Italy), Don Caster (England), Elbar (Netherlands), Zorya and Sumi Frunze (Ukraine), Jeumont and Fuller (France), Power Turbine (Russia), SEC (China) in power, oil and gas, and rail transport industries.
  • Firstplaceamong contractors
  • Firstplaceamongindustrialequipment manufacturingcompanies (Mapna Turbine Engineering and Manufacturing Company)
  • Firstplacein Iran’s2010National Award forKnowledge Management
  • Award for HR Excellence 2010 (first place)
  • Being among the top 100 companies inthe Middle Eastaccording to an assessment by the prestigiousinternationalMEED magazine
  • Eighthplaceamong 50activestock exchange companiesin 2009
  • Being among the top 10 quality companies according to an assessment by the GIC International Institute
  • Two awards for the EFQM Excellence Model andNational Productivity (The Mapna Group and Mapna Turbine Engineering and Manufacturing Company)
  • Certificate of appreciation and commitment to the EFQM Excellence Model (Five companies of the Mapna Group)
  • Nationally unprecedented 36-day record for the completeoverhaul ofagaspower plantinSouthern Isfahan, Iran
  • Firstplacein thefirstNationalAssessmentofIranianbrands

Fields Of Activity


The electric power industry constitutes a key and strategic domain of the Mapna Group’s activities. With its unique capabilities and functionality, the Mapna Group is considered as one of the leading Iranian companies in working and investing in various areas such as the transfer of technical knowledge; manufacturing original equipment for thermal power plants; managing, implementing and investing in different projects, and so on. All these achievements are the result of the experiences and efforts of Iranian experts in just less than two decades.


Relying on its great capabilities and managerial experience of the Group, including the implementation of energy sector projects worth over than 30€ billion, As well as recruitment of highly experienced and skilled experts and employees in fields of oil and gas, MAPNA GROUP Oil and Gas sector has experienced an increasing growth since the beginning of its activity.

Railway Transportation

MAPNA first joined rail transportation sector in a bid to develop this industry’s infrastructures in Iran. The huge amount of investment made in this sector is illustrative of the fact that the rate of growth of demand here is very high.After lapse of a short period of time since MAPNA accessed the nation’s rail transportation market, the Group has now turned into a serious player of the industry. MAPNA has plans underway to gain access to overseas target markets in future.
MAPNA Group’s rail transportation products and services have been introduced in this section.

Investment Projects Division


In today’s world, close competition for higher levels of advances and development is elemental to any social and economic planning. Economic development is achieved through defining projects in energy, transportation and other sectors, where the issue of investments and financial resources come to surface as the crucial playing factor.

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