MAPNA Timeline

MAPNA Group came into existence following incorporation of Iran Power Plant Projects Management Company by the Iranian ministry of energy in 1993. Prior to this, All executive affairs relevant to Iran’s thermal power plant projects were administered and handled by foreign companies prior to the incorporation of MAPNA. The Company initially came into existence as a general contractor of turn-key power plant projects..

MAPNA Group secured its present status after experiencing transition from six consecutive stages in the following order:

  • Design, engineering and procurement of main equipment of power plants from overseas markets.
  • Executive operations and procurement of auxiliary from local market.
  • Design, engineering, implementation and local manufacture of secondary equipment.
  • Procurement of main equipment from overseas markets.
  • Local manufacture of main equipment, design, engineering and implementation of power plants.
  • Direct investment in the construction of power plants, partnership in industrial and utility projects, provision of after sales as well as operation and maintenance services.
  • Access to new areas of operation including oil and gas industries (manufacture of equipment and project implementation).
  • Access to rail traction market (manufacture of locomotives and implementation of projects).
  • Access to international markets.
  • Focusing on research, development and design of product.
  • Diversification of products in compliance with customer needs and requirements.