First Medium-Scale Gas Unit of Zahedan Project Synchronized to National Unit

The first medium-scale gas unit in Zahedan Power Plant was synchronized to the national grid on August 27, 2022.

The first medium-scale gas unit in Zahedan Power Plant was synchronized to the national grid on August 27, 2022.

Another such unit is also under construction in the power plant which is situated in the southeast of the country.

A new record was registered in the project as it took just 81 days from installation of the MFT40 turbine to final preparations for synchronization while less than 20 days was enough for supplying the required diesel generator.

This is the first medium-scale unit in Iran. The control system of the unit has been designed and manufactured by MAPNA Electric & Control Engineering & Manufacturing (MECO).

The unit in Zahedan was the 183rd unit synchronized by MAPNA Power Plant Construction and Development Company (MD-1) in its history and its fifth synchronized one this year (starting from March 21, 2022).

This was part of a contract signed by MAPNA Group and Thermal Power Plants Holding Company (TPPH) to build seven medium-scale gas power plants.

As per the contract signed in December 2021, MAPNA was tasked with building the gas units each with a capacity of 42 MWs as well as other necessary systems and ancillary equipment.

Accordingly, medium-scale units are being constructed in Zahedan Power Plant, Morvarid Power Plant (Kish Island), Banglan (Jask) Power Plant (Hormozgan Province), Doroud Power Plant (Lorestan Province), Shush Power Plant (Khuzestan Province), and Khatam Power Plant (Yazd Province).

MAPNA’s medium-scale power plants have the ability to generate offshore and off-grid power and are economically suitable for various industries.

The advantages of these units include proper construction, installation and commissioning speed. Another advantage of these units is the limited land area required.

As a completely indigenous product, the MAPNA-developed MGT40 unit is an unrivaled alternative to overcome power shortages.

Reliability and availability for power generation are two major requisites in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Robustness and long-term service lifetime are among the characteristics that the MGT-40 gas turbine can offer to tackle those challenges.

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