Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

MAPNA Group is an industrial enterprise, consisting of MAPNA Group Company, as the parent company, and more than 70 specialized subsidiaries and affiliates. The Group is active in a wide spectrum of businesses, including, engineering, construction and development of power plants, oil and gas projects, rail transportation projects, electrification and medical imaging services, as well as operation, repair and maintenance services.

A coherent, coordinated, and agile management structure is necessary for the design, manufacture, and development of strategic technologies required to procure the essential equipment needed in these industries, to invest in large-scale plans, and to deliver the services required by customers.

Relying on existing structural capacities, MAPNA Group’s board of directors focuses on planning, monitoring, and control processes to realize efficient and successful management in such projects.

The Group’s executive boards and divisions also serve as a strategic arm for the administration of the areas under their control, with a focus on strategy development, decision-making, performance evaluation, and problem-solving.

As advisory and participatory pillars, specialized working groups and committees concentrate on developing a common understanding of the current and future needs and systems, developing desirable policies and decisions, and designing the necessary structures; they are also in charge of decision-making at the MAPNA Group level.

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