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Shareholder Structure

MAPNA Group is a publicly traded company, with shares listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange under the symbol “رمپنا” (R-MAPNA). The conglomerate’s shares have been trading in the stock exchange market since 2007.

Categorized under technical and engineering services, our stocks are frequently among the day’s most closely monitored tickers in the market.

A breakdown of our shareholder structure is displayed in the chart.

For the latest updates and information about MAPNA Group’s symbol on the Tehran Stock Exchange, please check out here.


MAPNA shareholders can visit MAPNA’s official website using this link.

* Edalat Shares are a collection of shares from forty-nine major companies, including MAPNA, that were distributed to the six low-income groups, covering 49 million people, nearly twenty years ago. In 2020, the Iranian government decided to let the citizens manage their own Edalat Shares. Individuals had the option to either handle the shares themselves (directly) or delegate provincial investment companies to manage the shares on their behalf (indirectly).

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