• MAPNA Group Breaks Record in Power Plant Construction, Outperforms 160 Countries + Infographic

    A quick glimpse of MAPNA’s achievements in the electricity sector

  • MAPNA Group Establishes Power Unit to Integrate Its Power-Related Business

    Power, services and investment projects under one umbrella.

  • MAPNA Group Launches New Mobility Division With Eye on Sustainable Development

    Mobility, our new division, will integrate operations in the rail and electric vehicle sectors.

  • One step ahead than ever

    How MAPNA Group evolved into a collection of research-oriented innovative businesses

  • Cooperation of MAPNA Group and Private Sector in Developing EV Charging Stations

    MAPNA Group's investment to develop 20 EV charging stations

  • MAPNA, A pioneer in Industrial Standardization

    What are the steps of standardization in one of the largest industrial and scientific groups in Iran?

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    Fields of Activity


    MAPNA proudly stands as the first and largest power plant general contractor in both Iran and the Middle East, taking the lead in production of 60 thousand megawatts of electricity.

    MAPNA Group’ entry into the oil & gas industry marks a significant stride towards enhancing the nation’s industrial development and excellence.

    In response to global contemporary standards and the evolving landscape of mobility, MAPNA Group has merged rail transportation, electrification, and battery businesses, launching its mobility business.

    With expansion of MAPNA Group’s activities, the investment division has emerged a key pillar in the holding’s strategic initiatives.

    Society’s well-being relies on a robust health industry, and investing in it stands as one of MAPNA Group’s core social responsibilities.

    The electrification business underscores MPANA Group’s commitment to electric, clean, and eco-friendly transportation, a vital objective in their pursuit of sustainable development.

    Amidst the rising population and its strain on water resources, MAPNA Group has stepped into the arena of water management, addressing one of the nation’s most pressing concerns


    Leveraging the extensive expertise of its specialists in gas turbines, MAPNA has ventured into the aviation industry, focusing on repairs and maintenance.


    MAPNA Group is the first and largest power plant general contractor in Iran and the Middle East

    MAPNA Group is the first and largest power plant general contractor in Iran and the Middle East


    Qom Monorail
    MW Parand Trailer-Mounted Power Plant
    MW Khaf Wind Farm
    MW Khaf Wind Farm
    Электростанция Карн-Алам

    Qom Monorail Project SpecificationsAt its first phase, this EPC Project consists of about 6.8 kilometer Monorail line, 8 stations, one depot and parking, E&M equipment (including power supply system, communication

    MW Parand Trailer-Mounted Power Plant Project SpecificationsThe portable power plant includes two turbines, a generator, and other equipment, all mounted on two trailers. The plant’s installation is underway near Parand

    MW Khaf Wind Farm Project SpecificationsThe Khaf wind farm is located 20 kilometers away from Khaf city in the northeast region of Iran. The project has a total capacity of

    MW Khaf Wind Farm Project SpecificationsThe Khaf wind farm is situated 20 km away from Khaf city, northeast Iran. Owned by Fanavaran Energy Pak Co., it consists of four 2.5-MW


    Технические характеристики проекта Тип электростанции: Газотурбинный блок и парогенератор утилизации тепла Мощность: 126 МВт Год строительства: 2014 Расположение: 400 км к юго-востоку от Маската, Оман Заказчик: Petroleum Development Oman Категория:


    At MAPNA, we deeply value our greatest asset—our people. We are dedicated to sourcing and empowering top-tier talent, which forms the bedrock of our strategic human resources development. We prioritize equal opportunities for graduates and meticulously craft robust recruitment strategies. Our aim is to attract and retain the most skilled professionals, building a community of distinguished experts and leaders within our organization.

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