MAPNA is the first and largest general contractor of power plants in the Middle East and West Asia. The Group is also the single major manufacturer of power plant main equipment and facilities and investor in private power plant projects across Iran. Relying on the ability of talented experts, the Group has played a significant role in the construction of 60,000 megawatts of power plants, of which 5,000 MW have been implemented abroad.


In addition to its strategic direction in carrying out turnkey power plant projects (EPC) and the production and procurement of power plant equipment, MAPNA offers wide spectrum of services and solutions to meet the major needs of the customers. These services in the electricity sector include operation, repair, maintenance, and supply of spare parts as well as specialized training and transfer of knowledge. 

MAPNA provides an optimal combination of products and services, designed and implemented as “ready-made packages”, to address the challenges and needs of customers. Conversion of gas-fired power plants into combined cycle, the NIAM (Persian acronym for MAPNA Standard Design for Power Plants), clean energy projects and distributed generation and cogeneration projects, are among the conglomerate’s solutions, all of which have been developed and implemented by hardworking experts based on modern technologies.


Power Industry


With its wide range trained human resources and skilled experts, MAPNA Group is a leading organization in the provision of numerous engineering services in Iran’s electric power industry. Some of the capabilities of MAPNA Group include, manufacturing and supplying spare parts, providing specialty services, subspecialty services and training, managing heavy and super heavy overhaul projects, managing optimization, operation and maintenance projects, and upgrading and strengthening power…

Heavy & Super Heavy Overhaul Projects

Spare Parts Manufacture & Procurement

Specialized Services & Training

Operation & Maintenance

Power Plant Enhancement

Power Plant Services





MAPNA Group can be considered as a pioneering investor in Iran’s power industry. It is the first and largest investor and manufacturer of power plants in the country’s private sector. The Group has participated in financing several power plants around the country with a total capacity of over 11,000 megawatts and a value of about 5.5 billion euros; a number of power projects with a total capacity of 1,300MW are also underway by the Group.




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