Mobility Industry

Back in 2008, MAPNA Group embarked on a transformative journey. With a profound commitment to building infrastructure and localizing Iran’s rail industry, we made significant investments that have stood the test of time.

In our ongoing quest to combat air pollution and elevate environmental standards, MAPNA Group ventured into electric transportation in the late 2010s. Nestled within MAPNA Electric & Control Engineering & Manufacturing Co. (MECO), the Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Development Center became our epicenter of innovation.

Aligned with international standards and inspired by mobility advancements worldwide, 2023 witnessed the fusion of our rail transportation, electrification, and battery businesses. This pivotal moment gave birth to the Mobility sector, marking a transformative chapter in our journey.

Rail Transportation

Our rail transportation division stands tall, providing cutting-edge equipment and engineering solutions to domestic and regional rail industries. With nine esteemed subsidiaries under its banner—MAPNA Locomotive Engineering and Manufacturing Company (MLC), MAPNA Railway Maintenance and Operation Development Company (MRM), MAPNA Railway Construction and Development Company (MRC), MAPNA Rail Technologies Company (MRT), MAPNA Railway Fleet Development Company (MRFD), MAPNA Multimodal Transportation Company (MMT), Wagon Pars, Ehya Sanat Adavat and Rail Mosafer Kavan—it continues to shape the future of rail transportation.


In 2017, MAPNA Group unveiled the Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Development Center within MECO Company. Here, our experts lead the charge in technological advancement. From pioneering charging infrastructure to designing electric vehicles, buses, and electric rail transportation, we also specialize in crafting battery packs for home-based and industrial energy storages, seamlessly integrated with connected services.

  • Advancement of Charging Infrastructure
  • Design, Development, and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles and Buses
  • Innovation in Electric Rail Transportation
  • Design and Manufacture of Battery Packs for Home-based and Industrial Energy Storages, Integrated with Connected Services

Relying on its advanced technical, manufacturing, and executive capacity, MAPNA decided to expand its horizons and provide services for urban passengers and promoting urban rail projects including metro, tram, and monorail. The Group entered urban rail transit sector after winning the tender for Mashhad subway project in 2008. The expertise of MAPNA in delivering engineering, managerial and financing services in rail projects helped it win the Tehran Metro tenders, resulting in the signing of the contract for Line 6 project in early 2017.


MAPNA’s outlook for the rail transportation is closely tied to improving the quality of urban life. We are currently involved in a variety of domestic railway projects that come along the country’ developmental plans; however, our quest does not end here as we are seeking ways to engage in regional and international markets in the near future. We believe a brighter future lays ahead of us, since we have got what it takes to secure our position in the competitive market.

  • Advancement of Charging Infrastructure
Railway Transportation


Relying on its advanced technical, manufacturing, and executive capacity, MAPNA is engaged in the design, engineering, procurement, operation, and investment of railway projects.


Railway Transportation


Rolling stock are among heavy duty equipment manufactured in accordance with the highest international standards and under the most reputable licenses. During its years of activity in the field of rail transportation, MAPNA Group has established strong ties with global suppliers and has developed domestic products in the field of rail equipment based on the extensive R&D and technology transfer.The Group is also engaged in the renovation and rehabilitation of dilapidated railway fleet…


Railway Transportation


Knowledge-based infrastructure is required for the country’s industrial development. Strengthening these infrastructures, which are based on current technology, can provide answers to many of the concerns that industrialists face, as well as solutions to industrial problems that affect people’s lives. Localization is one of the key solutions to address such challenges. Localization of industry helps craftsmen to solve problems more rapidly and at a reduced cost, as well as build new…




MAPNA Group has carried out numerous investments for the development of infrastructure and operations and related services of rail transport since entering the key sector in late 2000s.Design and manufacture of 150 diesel-electric MAP24 locomotives are among top MAPNA projects in this field. Our advanced technical, manufacturing, and executive capacity makes us a unique choice in providing services for urban passengers and promoting urban rail projects including metro, tram, and monorail.


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