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After Sales Services

Because of the sensitivity and heavy loading of the equipment, after-sales services are extremely important in the railway industry. As a result, consulting, training, and engineering assistance, as well as ongoing long-term services such as maintenance and repair, and also the provision and sale of spare parts, are regarded essential components of our railway development projects.

An advanced rail industry indicates economic development. Part and parcel for such progress is skilled workforce to carry out studies and research in order to materialize R&D achievements. Expanding the current horizons of knowledge and technology necessitates cooperation and efficient information exchange with international companies. Thus, we have efficiently invested on our human resources through ongoing periodic consulting and training, and also our R&D and technology units for railway projects engineering support.

We can say with confidence that MAPNA, as a leading industrial player, is ready to provide a complete chain of after-sales services. On the other hand, by entering any rail project, we guarantee that we will undertake the supply of spare parts right after the implementation of our projects. Our consulting, training, and engineering support operations include MAPNA workforce training in Germany and the identification of specialist meetings for research, development, and later recruiting by the conglomerate’s R&D Department. MLC is also ready to provide its customers with consultations over rail vehicle and rolling stock design, development, and mass production.

The depreciation of rail tracks is accelerating due to a rise in railway traffic, the weight of freight trains, and the speed of passenger trains, necessitating constant repairs and maintenance services in the key sector. Maintenance of wagons, rails, and technical systems on a regular basis can also help lower final costs and boosting the railway capacity.

Enjoying extensive experience in the field of rolling stock repair and maintenance, as well as the sale of spare parts for these goods, MAPNA Group has taken big steps to improve the railway industry’s services.

Locomotive Driver and Railway Expert Training Center

Hoping for a brighter future in the railway sector, and using its considerable experience in the field, MRM is to construct a 22,000 square meter center, comprising five different sections, to train locomotive drivers and specialized railway personnel

Six halls are designed for the installation of locomotive simulators. Currently, the simulators of three locomotives, namely ALSTOM, GM/GE, and SIEMENS are installed and can be used in the center. These simulators are full motion with all six degrees of freedom. Each simulator is supported with TDP, VTD, TBT, BRIEFING, DESK features. Three training workshops will be provided to familiarize trainees with how locomotives work. These workshops will cover locomotive engines, brake system and bogie, and electricity and ventilation. The center also has seven classrooms and amphitheaters equipped with audiovisual systems, library, laboratory, cafeteria, boarding house with a capacity of 44 beds for trainees, a rest suite for instructors, an office space for the management and staff, and a public dining hall with a capacity of 70 people.

Specialized Overhaul & Research Workshops

In order to provide more solid repair and maintenance services for locomotives, trainsets and subway cars, MRM has launched specialized workshops to specifically address this issue. The company currently has six modern workshops to handle any overhaul and repair services.

Repair & Maintenance of Trainsets (Eram Railbuses)

Eram railbuses are lightweight trainsets with four wagons and a capacity of 336 passengers, used in suburban areas and for distances of around 200 kms. The trains can traverse an overall range of 1,000 kilometers per day. MAPNA Railway Operation Development and Maintenance Company (MRM) offers repair, maintenance, and navigation services for 19 Eram Railbus units that belong to Iran’s Raja Rail Transportation Company. Currently, Eram railbuses operating in Ahwaz, Tehran, Gorgan, Tabriz, and Doroud are covered by MRM services.

Iran Safir Locomotive Full-Service Maintenance

Carried out by MAPNA Railway Operation Development & Maintenance Company, the assignment includes repair and maintenance of 150 Iran Safir locomotives. The operation has been handed over to MAPNA Group for a five-year term. The scope of the services includes procurement of spare parts and execution of all required repair, etc. Currently, Iran Safir locomotives operating in the cities of Mashhad, Neghab, Shahroud, Semnan, Qazvin, Zanjan, Tabriz, Maragheh, Miyaneh, Tabas, Isfahan, Yazd, Bandar Abbas, Shiraz and Ahvaz, are covered by the services of MAPNA Railway Maintenance and Operation Development Company (MRM).

Refurbishing 50 Alstom AD43C Locomotives

The project includes rehabilitation, commissioning, maintenance, and operation of 50 units of 4,000hp diesel-electric Alstom locomotives. A MAPNA consortium comprising MAPNA Railway Maintenance and Operation Development Company and MAPNA Locomotive Engineering & Manufacturing Company won the tender for rehabilitation of 50 locomotive units of Iranian Railway under R.O.O. contracts in January 2017. In this regard, MAPNA established MAPNA Railway Fleet Development Company (MRFD) in the same year to act as the MAPNA representative in the project.

Accordingly, rehabilitation, commissioning, maintenance, operation, and ownership of 50 units of Alstom locomotives will be carried out during a five-year period. After ten years of operation by MAPNA Railway Maintenance and Operation Development Company, ownership of the locomotives will be transferred to MAPNA Group. The client of the project is Islamic Republic of Iran Railways.

Intercity Rail Projects

The ever-sprawling urban population lead to heavy traffic in the intercity roads. The rapid population growth in the upcoming years will add to the heavy traffic on intercity highways, so railway transit, with its high mobility and low energy usage, would be the best option for reversing this trend.

We offer products and services for intercity projects in addition to the electrification and promotion of intercity railway systems, which appears to be extremely important given the age of Iran’s railway infrastructure.

Suburban Rail Projects

Suburbanization is one of the undeniable effects of development, marking the beginning of the modern industrial era. The majority large cities’ population live on its outskirts for various economic and social reasons. For this reason, the development of transportation and facilitating communication between suburbs and metropolitan areas gained a momentum in recent years. Metropolitan centers and suburbs can be connected if proper means of rai transportation, such as subways and tramways, are developed. MAPNA Group, considering its bright record in Karaj Metro, has the expertise to implement and manage suburban and intercity railway projects. MAPNA plays an important role in the construction of railways in the suburbs of major cities of the country by manufacturing freight and passenger locomotives and supplying equipment and accessories in cooperation with reputable international companies. We are ready to embark on any mission to deliver products and services and feasibility studies regarding intercity, urban and suburban railway schemes.

Urban Rail Projects

The Group entered urban rail transit sector after winning the tenders for Mashhad subway project in 2008 and Qom monorail project a year later. In 2009, MAPNA Group was awarded 52% of the EPC contract for the Qom City Monorail, the first monorail in Iran; the project kicked off in early 2010, marking MAPNA’s first operation in the urban rail transportation. Later, MAPNA took on the construction operation of Isfahan Metro Line 1 with an estimated value of 62 million euros; in early 2017, a MAPNA consortium won the tender for the 36-kilometer Tehran Metro Line 6. The tender’s value was estimated in the ballparks of 15 trillion rials. The scope of the project includes design, engineering, procurement and manufacturing of main equipment and spare parts, transportation, installation, test and commissioning, preparation of engineering documents, and personnel training for operation.

The Tehran Metro Line 6 marks MAPNA Group’s first move in the subway civil engineering. Once fully operational, Tehran Metro Line 6 will give the capital’s subway system the longest route in Iran. The line will stretch over 31 kilometers with 27 stations, starting from Sulqan in the northwest and ending in Dolat-Abad district in the southeast. In further stages, Line 6 will expand to Shah Abdol-Azim Shrine in the ancient district of Rey to the south of the city, becoming the longest subway route in the Middle East with a total length of 36 kilometers. Tehran Metro Line 6 has two important features: first, it equips the southeastern areas of Tehran as well as the districts 2 and 5 in the west and northwest, which are the most populous areas of the city, with modern transportation system; second, Line 6 intersects with all other Tehran Metro lines. The megaproject is jointly underway by MAPNA Group, Shahr Bank and Sabir Dam & Water Works Construction Company.

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