Fields of Activity


MAPNA proudly stands as the first and largest power plant general contractor in both Iran and the Middle East, taking the lead in production of 60 thousand megawatts of electricity.

Oil & Gas

MAPNA Group’ entry into the oil & gas industry marks a significant stride towards enhancing the nation’s industrial development and excellence.


In response to global contemporary standards and the evolving landscape of mobility, MAPNA Group has merged rail transportation, electrification, and battery businesses, launching its mobility business.


With expansion of MAPNA Group’s activities, the investment division has emerged a key pillar in the holding’s strategic initiatives.


Society’s well-being relies on a robust health industry, and investing in it stands as one of MAPNA Group’s core social responsibilities.


The electrification business underscores MPANA Group’s commitment to electric, clean, and eco-friendly transportation, a vital objective in their pursuit of sustainable development.


Amidst the rising population and its strain on water resources, MAPNA Group has stepped into the arena of water management, addressing one of the nation’s most pressing concerns


Leveraging the extensive expertise of its specialists in gas turbines, MAPNA has ventured into the aviation industry, focusing on repairs and maintenance.

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