Aviation Industry in MAPNA Group

MAPNA Group has entered the aviation industry fully aware of the challenges and shortcomings in its supply, manufacturing and repair sectors. Confident in the knowledge, infrastructure and skills of its experts, as well as its valuable experience in gas turbine manufacturing, the conglomerate has embarked on this path with confidence.

MAPNA Group’s aviation industry mission is to design, manufacture, repair and test engines and parts, and to lease aircraft engines. We have obtained Part-21 and Part-145 certificates from the Iranian Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), ensuring compliance with international standards. The division’s goal is to strengthen and expand the country’s air fleet by utilising domestic expertise and technology.

Aviation Industry in MAPNA Group

Services and Products

MAPNA Group’s activities in the aviation industry focus on two main areas: the maintenance and repair of aircraft engines, and the design and manufacture of necessary parts and tools. We offer services such as engine maintenance, repair and overhaul, parts repair, the establishment of test cells and related laboratories, and engine leasing. In addition, the group can design and manufacture various parts and tools for the aviation and airport industries.

Maintenance and repair

Design and manufacture

Aviation Industry in MAPNA Group


Given the unique circumstances of the aviation industry, the first step in this complex and risky endeavour was to outline a project that could effectively accomplish the assigned mission. This would also lay the foundation for the country’s self-sufficiency in aviation and reduce the cost of fleet renewal and enhancement. With these objectives in mind, the following measures were defined and are currently being implemented as part of the master plan:

Obtaining the necessary aviation certificates

In compliance with aviation regulations, MAPNA Group has obtained the necessary certifications from the relevant authorities. These achievements include:

  • Part 145 Repair Certificate
  • Engine Repair and Maintenance Certificate for all types of aircraft engine parts
  • Part 21 Design Certificate
  • Iran Aircraft Design-Approved Manual
Repair of engines and various parts of passenger aircraft

The capacity to repair various types of passenger aircraft engines and more than 1,000 types of engine parts has been established at the MRO centre.

Aircraft engine testing services on portable test stand

This portable test stand can be used to test engines in various weather conditions at different locations throughout the country.

Engineering Services
  • Design and engineering services for engines and engine components
  • Design and manufacture of engine mechanical and electrical accessories
  • Avionics system design and manufacture
  • Engine component repair design
  • Engine, module and component testing services
Aviation Industry in MAPNA Group


As part of its mission, MAPNA Group is undertaking the following initiatives:

Creation of a knowledge chain involving universities, research centres and knowledge-based companies

MAPNA Group is planning to establish a design office to take advantage of the expertise of elites and experts. It aims to collaborate with universities and researchers to define research projects, while expanding cooperation with knowledge-based companies to tap into the country’s latent knowledge capacity.

Creating a supply chain and manufacturing aircraft engine parts

MAPNA Group recognizes the need to modernize the country’s aviation industry and ensure the longevity of equipment. Leveraging its expertise, the group supplies parts and equipment for passenger aircraft, with a special focus on aircraft engines. It aims to provide high quality parts to airlines and repair centers. In addition, MAPNA Group has obtained certificates for the design and manufacture of passenger aircraft engine parts and auxiliary equipment, enabling it to manufacture these complex and technological products in the country.

Establishment of a Fully Equipped Aircraft Engine and Component Repair Center

The complexity of aircraft engine design results in significant costs for airlines when it comes to replacing or repairing out-of-service parts. As a result, the repair, maintenance and overhaul of these engines has become critical to the aviation industry. In line with its mission and to ensure the sustainability of the country’s air fleet while reducing costs, MAPNA Group has established repair shops for all types of aircraft engines and parts. It also provides engine testing facilities.

Aircraft engine repair shop with capacity to repair more than 1,000 parts of passenger aircraft engines
Investments in the aviation industry
Setting up an aircraft engine test cell and test stand

Various types of test centers are essential infrastructure in aircraft design and upgrading. MAPNA Group has undertaken various projects to develop test centers and platforms for testing engines and auxiliary equipment:

Portable Aircraft Engine Test Stand

The portable test stand designed by MAPNA Group is used for the initial start-up of aircraft engines after construction or repair, as well as for tests that require open space. The fuel supply and control system of this project was designed and built by MAPNA Group’s team of experts. A notable feature of this system is its portability, as all the equipment can be easily transported on a trailer. MAPNA Group unveiled this system at the 11th edition of Iran International Airshow & Aerospace Exhibition, which was held in Kish Island in December 2021. During the event, a passenger aircraft engine was successfully tested. This mobile test system provides flexibility to test different aircraft engines in different regions and environmental conditions.

Portable Aircraft Engine Test Stand
Aircraft engine cell test

In addition, an engine test cell is critical to ensure the accuracy and compliance of each engine before it is installed on the aircraft. According to aviation standards, engines must undergo detailed testing in a test cell before being installed on the aircraft. Accordingly, MAPNA Group has planned a project that includes the engineering, supply, construction and installation of a test cell that meets the requirements for testing commercial aircraft engines.

Aircraft engine cell test
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