MAPNA Dispatches F-Class MGT-80 Turbine to Sahand Power Plant

MAPNA Group dispatched its F-class MGT-80 gas turbine to Sahand Combined Cycle Power Plant in East Azarbaijan Province, on Tuesday, August 24, 2021.

MAPNA Group dispatched its F-class MGT-80 gas turbine to Sahand Combined Cycle Power Plant in East Azarbaijan Province, on Tuesday, August 24, 2021.

The next-generation gas turbine has been manufactured by MAPNA Turbine Engineering and Manufacturing Company (TUGA).

Utilizing state-of-the-art gas turbine technology, the MGT-80 heavy-duty gas turbine offers significantly high nominal power output of 307 MW and gross efficiency of up to 40% and 59% in simple and combined cycle applications, respectively. 

MGT80 is an environment-friendly product with minimized NOx and CO emissions. The smooth, reliable and robust performance of the machine as well as higher maintenance intervals and extended lifetime let clients benefit from its second-to-none features while reducing fuel consumption. In addition to electrical power generation, the MGT-80 can be used in Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants and large-scale desalination plants as well.

MAPNA Turbines ‘A Reliable Choice’: CEO

Speaking on the sidelines of the dispatching ceremony of the MGT-80, MAPNA Group CEO Abbas Aliabadi said the company’s turbines, at all classes, are great means to reach sustainable power generation in Iran and meet the country’s high electricity demand.

Aliabadi underlined that “the reliability of MAPNA’s homegrown turbines, in terms of supply, maintenance and after-sales services, as well as adaptability to the climate conditions, have made them a great choice to upgrade the Iranian power industry.”

The MAPNA CEO noted that in case the Iranian power grid’s connection with the regional and neighboring countries is expanded, the Group can even provide higher class turbines to transfer higher rates of energy, while also reducing fuel consumption and energy waste.

Big Move Toward Efficient Power Generation

Given the country’s need for expertise of the design and manufacture of more efficient and environmentally friendly power plants, MAPNA Group concurrently prioritized two schemes in the 2010s: The design and development of F-Class gas turbines in collaboration with international partners, and the transfer of technology and expertise for localization of the heavy machines.

The move came in line with an agreement with the Thermal Power Plants Holding Company, a subsidiary of Power Ministry, to improve efficiency and reduce electricity waste.

The agreement stipulates the construction of 5,000 MW of thermal power plants by 2024, using F-class gas turbines made inside the country.

Thermal Power Plants Holding Company is the client of the megaproject and Ghods Niroo serves as consultant. MAPNA Special Projects Construction & Development Company (MD-3) represents MAPNA Group as the executor of the agreement.

MGT-75 Gas Turbine 

Following the plans, MAPNA Group has designed and produced a fully localized F-Class gas turbine, called MGT-75, after years of hard work, with the first unit set to be commissioned in Summer 2022.

MGT-75, the latest MAPNA achievement, is an advanced heavy-duty gas turbine developed to meet a wide range of today’s demanding energy environment and customers’ needs. Incorporating cutting-edge technologies, the MGT-75 is engineered to provide customers with a high efficiency, low emissions, and high operational flexibility. 

MGT-75 comes with a capacity of 230 to 250 megawatts and an efficiency of up to 60%.

In addition to meeting short and medium-term requirements of the power and energy sectors, it is a perfect match for complementing renewable energies. With the ability to burn a large variety of fuels and fuel gas compositions including H2/NG mixtures, in line with the latest global environmental trends, the MGT-75 gas turbine contributes to green power generation.

MGT-80 Gas Turbine 

MAPNA Group has also been working hard to transfer the technical knowledge and localization of the F-class MGT80 units.

According to the plan, MAPNA and its subsidiaries first started production of some parts of MGT-80, such as hot parts, while the Group is gradually moving toward total indigenization of heavy machine. 

The first two units of the MGT-80 turbines have been installed at Hengam Combined Cycle Power Plant in Bandar Abbas, southern Hormozgan Province. A 292-MW steam unit is also under construction at Hengam Power Plant by a MAPNA consortium. Once fully operational, the power station will have a generation capacity of 906 MW.

The third MGT-80 unit has been installed and commissioned at Dokouheh Power Plant in southwestern Khuzestan Province. The plant comprises a single gas turbine with a capacity of 307 MWs, a triple-pressure HRSG (heat recovery system generator), a steam portion with a capacity of 141 MWs, and an air-cooling system.

The fourth MGT-80 unit, which was dispatched today, will be installed and commissioned at Sahand Power Plant in the coming months.

Sahand consists of one gas-fired unit with a capacity of 307 MWs and one steam cycle with a power generation capacity of 144 MWs (451 MWs overall). Upon completion, the power plant will have an efficiency of 58 percent.

The power plant runs primarily on natural gas, but can also consume diesel fuel for power generation.

The new power plant is adjacent to an older 650-MW plant in vicinity of the city of Bonab. Upon completion, an overall power capacity of 1000 MWs will provide industrial and agricultural sectors in the southern part of East Azerbaijan Province with necessary electricity to develop their operations.

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