MAPNA Group Participates in Iran Trans Expo 2021

MAPNA Group took part in the 5th edition of the International Exhibition of Transport, Logistics and Related Industries (Iran Trans Expo 2021), which was held in Tehran on December 19-21.

MAPNA Group and its subsidiaries, including MAPNA Multimodal Transportation Company (MMT), MAPNA Locomotive Engineering & Manufacturing Company (MLC), and MAPNA Wagon Pars Company, took part in the event, showcasing their latest products and services.

Coincided with the National Transport Day in Iran on December 17, the theme of this year’s exhibition was “development of infrastructure, renovation of fleet, and efficient transport.”

Each day of the exhibition from December 17 to 22 was dedicated to a specific mode of transport, respectively to the road, rail, air, maritime, transport infrastructures, and support and quality control of projects.

Affiliated companies and organizations to Iran Ministry of Transport, as well as the private sector, start-ups in transport industries, and knowledge-based companies participated in the exhibition.

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