MAPNA Experts Complete Jahrom Power Plant’s Steam Blow Out

The steam blowing of Jahrom Combined Cycle Power Plant’s third unit was completed by MAPNA experts on Wednesday, September 7, 2021.

The operation has now provided the clean steam needed for the power plant boilers’ turbines, accelerating the synchronization of the third unit with the national grid.

Steam blowing helps remove the mill scale and construction debris from newly installed permanent steam systems, ensuring proper system functioning and extending the life of the equipment. During the operation, the piping is blown with sufficient boiler pressure to ensure that enough dynamic pressure will be experienced in the pipe to provide adequate cleaning.

Jahrom Combined Cycle Power Plant is located 27 kilometers north of Jahrom, on the sidelines of Jahrom-Shiraz Road.

MAPNA Group received final acceptance certificate (FAC) for the plant’s steam unit in September 2020. MAPNA Combined Cycle Power Plant Construction Company (MD-2) is the executor of the steam unit construction operation.

Once fully operational, the power plant will add a total of 480MW of electricity to the national grid. Three E-type steam turbines each with a capacity of 160 MWs and a 400-kv transmission substation have already been installed by MAPNA Group.

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