The sad incident of Plasco Building collapse in central Tehran has mobilized many groups across the country to offer their services and expertise for relief efforts and rescue operation.

Experts and technicians from MAPNA Group’s subsidiaries of Nasb Niroo and Boiler Engineering and Manufacturing Company have joined the rescue teams in the site of the incident for assistance in debris clean-up operation, providing expertise and machinery.

Located in central Tehran, the landmark Plasco Mall was the first high-rise building of the capital. The 17-storey mall was opened in 1963 and served as a major shopping, workshop and storage center for the clothing industry.

The blaze that the turned the 53-year building into piles of rubble started on Thursday morning, January 19, from the 8th and 9th floors. While the fire was thought to have been extinguished before noon, the eastern side of the mall went ablaze once again, eventually leading to full collapse of Plasco.

The exact number of casualties has not been determined yet. Several firefighters have been trapped inside the building and rescue operations to pull them out of the rubble have been going on during the past three days.

MAPNA Group extends its condolences to friends and family of the victims of the incident and prays for safety of those trapped in the wreckage.

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