Neyr Perse Wins Top Prize of Iran National Project Excellence Award 2023

MAPNA oil & gas subsidiary Neyr Perse was recognized as a top winner at the 2023 edition of the Iran National Project Excellence Award.

Neyr Perse received the golden statue in megaproject category of the award on July 20, 1402.

The award was given for the company’s efforts in developing South Pars Refinery Phase 13 project. This project was ranked first among all megaprojects.

The statue was the highest honor for megaprojects and only Neyr Perse managed to win a rank in the category.

Neyr Perse completed the Phase 13 project on time (with cooperation with other partners). The project also set records such as safe and accident-free work, more than 6 million person-hours of work without injuries, early start-up of sulfur recycling and solidification units, installation of a sulfur processing unit in less than a month after receiving acid gas, quality control and performance tests, and production of solid sulfur with SUDIC standard quality. These were unprecedented achievements in South Pars project history.

Neyr Perse carried out and operated the Phase 13 project successfully for MAPNA Group with the help of other subsidiary companies of the conglomerate.

Neyr Perse also won the bronze statue for the 6th National Project Management Award for the South Pars Phase 19 project some seven years ago. Established in 1958, Neyr Perse is an active player in the Iranian oil and gas sector. Acquired by MAPNA Group in 2008, it has since worked as an EPC contractor in a variety of midstream and downstream projects, including the development of Phases 13, 14, 19, and 22-24 of the South Pars Gas Field in the Persian Gulf.

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