MAPNA Group, Kerman Motor Sign Deal to Produce Electric Vehicles

MPANA Group and domestic carmaker Kerman Motor Company have struck a deal to jointly produce and develop electric vehicles.

MPANA Group and domestic carmaker Kerman Motor Company have struck a deal to jointly produce and develop electric vehicles.
The agreement was signed by MAPNA Electric and Control Engineering and Manufacturing Company (MECO) and Bam Khodro, a Kerman Motor subsidiary, on Sunday to establish a joint venture for the design and manufacture of A- and B-class electric vehicles and the development of relevant technologies.
As per the deal, MECO will be tasked to produce the vehicles’ engines, batteries and electronic systems, and Bam Khodro will provide the cabins, trimmings and mechanical parts.
The first phase of the cooperation will involve the production of public vehicles. The joint venture is expected to release a prototype in the near future, which will be equipped a 15kWh battery, enabling it to travel 100 kilometers at an average speed of 60-80 kilometers per hour.
The JV’s prospective public vehicles will be controlled by automated EV controller software, which allow drivers to open/close doors and navigate and also make fare payment and reservation possible for passengers.
Experts say the large number of urban trips by the public transportation, particularly in megacities like Tehran, highlight the need for providing a diverse transportation fleet.
Decade-Long Move Toward EV Development
MAPNA Group joined the global electric vehicle race almost a decade ago after it began initial feasibility studies in the early 2010s.
As a leading industrial player, MAPNA has well demonstrated its innovative strategies to realize the country’s electrification goals as part of its environmental, economic and social responsibilities.
The Group opened Iran’s first electric vehicle charging station at Tehran’s iconic Milad Tower in May 2019. It forged its first agreement with SAIPA in February 2019 to develop and commercialize electric vehicles. In August 2020, MAPNA geared up the bid to jointly produce EVs with IKCO.
So far, MAPNA has developed electric subsystems for passenger and public vehicles, and successfully tested 20 electric vehicle prototypes, demonstrating that the company is ready to join EV manufacturers after years of research and efforts.
MAPNA Group has also signed a contract with the Municipality of Mashhad for the electrification of the northeastern megacity’s transportation system and is also planning to carry out feasibility studies for the electrification of transportation fleets of Kish Island, southern Iran.

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