Gol Gohar Sirjan Power Plant: Steam Unit Receives FAC

The steam unit of Gol Gohar Sirjan Combined Cycle Power Plant (also known as Goharan power plant) received the final acceptance certificate on August 4, 2023.

The project contract for the power plant was signed in 2013. The plant is situated at the 50th kilometer of the Sirjan-Shiraz road and consists of two gas units and one steam unit. The steam unit has an E Type steam turbine (E30-16-1×6.3) with a capacity of 160 MWs.

The gas units were initially equipped with gas turbines with a capacity of 166 MWs each. However, around 2020, the turbines were upgraded from MAP2+ to MAP2B version, which increased their output to 183 MWs each.

The plant also employs a Direct Dry Cooling System (ACC) for cooling and an HRSG (heat recovery steam generator) with an auxiliary boiler for heat recovery.

With the final delivery of this unit, MAPNA Combined Cycle Power Plants Construction & Development Company (MD-2) has now received FAC for 113 units to the grid with an aggregate capacity of 17,491 MWs.

The gas units had received FAC back in March 2020. Gohar Energy Sirjan is the client of this project and Ghods Niroo Consulting Engineers Company serves as the consultant.

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