Neyr Perse to Reduce Flaring Gases in South Pars

MAPNA oil & gas subsidiary Neyr Perse has entered the field of gas flaring reduction and collection in the South Pars Gas Field.

The company has been awarded the contract to operate the third (phases 4 and 5) and seventh (phases 17 and 18) refineries of South Pars.

This contract encompasses a spectrum of responsibilities, including engineering services, procurement, and the commissioning of a highly efficient sulfur granulation unit within the third refinery.

Furthermore, Neyr Perse is entrusted with the critical tasks of overhauling worn internal components of the sulfur recycling unit (Unit 108), undertaking partial procurement and full commissioning of the 3rd and 4th rows of Unit 108, as well as the commissioning of the final exhaust gas treatment system for Unit 108 (TGTU).

In addition, Neyr Perse will take charge of the procurement, engineering, and refurbishment of off-gas compressors for Unit 103, along with the replacement of communication pipes and the corresponding knock-out drum.

Addressing key issues such as the malfunctioning off-gas compressors, the operational stability of the sulfur recycling unit, and the consistency of the sulfur solidification unit is crucial in the battle against flaring emissions in South Pars, as well as in mitigating environmental pollution.

Neyr Perse’s track record of successfully implementing sulfur recycling and solidification units in phase 13 of South Pars has rendered the company an apt choice for these pivotal projects.

The challenge of gas flaring looms large over the South Pars Gas Field, posing a significant threat to the environment and squandering valuable natural gas that could otherwise be utilized for domestic and industrial applications. Neyr Perse’s concerted efforts to curb flaring in South Pars will not only serve to safeguard the environment but also conserve precious natural resources.

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