MAPNA Group Receives PAC for Second Steam Unit of Rumaila Combined Cycle Power Plant

MAPNA Group received a provisional acceptance certificate (PAC) for the second steam unit of Rumaila Combined Cycle Power Plant in Iraq.
The PAC was issued on September 18, 2023, by Shamara Holding, the client of the project. The steam unit had been connected to the national grid in mid-July 2023.
With provisional delivery of this unit, MAPNA Combined Cycle Power Plants Construction & Development Company (MD-2) has now received PAC for 114 units with an aggregate capacity of 17,752 MWs.
Rumaila Power Plant is the largest international project of MAPNA Group. It has a capacity of 3,156 MWs and consists of 12 gas-fired units and six E-type steam units in six combined-cycle blocks. The plant is located near Basra, in southern Iraq.
MAPNA Group is in charge of the design, procurement, transportation, installation, and commissioning of the plant as well as overseeing its four phases of civil construction. Shamara Holding is responsible for the civil construction and the implementation of steel structures except for the boiler and ACC sections. Germany’s Fichtner Group is the consultant of the client.
The main equipment of the plant, including MGT-70 gas turbine, E-type steam turbine, and HRSG (without supplementary firing), has been produced by MAPNA Group’s subsidiaries. MD-2 is representing MAPNA Group in carrying out the project
The project has created 2,000 jobs for Iranian and Iraqi experts. It is the third project of MAPNA Group in Iraq after Heidarieh and Al Sadr power plants.

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