Minister of Energy Inspects Progress at Shahid Salimi Power Plant

In a recent visit to Shahid Salimi Combined Cycle power plant development project, Minister of Energy Ali Akbar Mehrabian emphasized the significance of completing two gas units and one steam unit to address the production and electricity consumption imbalance in the region.

The minister was accompanied by a host of officials, including CEO of Iran’s Thermal Power Plants Holding Company (TPPH) Abdolrasul Pishahang, during the visit on December 22, 2023.

Highlighting the increasing trend in electricity consumption in the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran, Mehrabian outlined the implementation of two gas units and one steam unit with the latest technologies in Shahid Salimi power plant as a strategic move to bridge the production-demand gap in the region.

Mehrabian stressed the necessity of renovating and installing new units in the power plant, addressing the production-demand imbalance, and responding to the province’s electricity needs. Comprehensive planning has been undertaken to address these challenges, with ongoing efforts to ensure a resolution, he added.

Commenting on the current reliance on high-voltage transmission lines from other provinces to meet some of Mazandaran’s electricity needs, Mehrabian stated that establishing power plants in the region would enhance electricity supply, reduce losses, and maintain network stability.

In recent years, the accelerated decrease in the Caspian Sea’s water level and the subsequent reduction of the water catchment basin posed a significant challenge to the Neka power plant, limiting production. Shahid Salimi Power Plant, boasting a rated capacity of 2,214 MW, comprises four steam units of 440 MW each, a combined cycle block with two gas units (137.6 MW each) and a steam unit (160 MW), and two expansion turbine units (9.4 megawatts each).

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