MAPNA Receives PAC for First Steam Unit of Sabalan Power Plant

مپنا نیوز - نخستین واحد بخار نیروگاه سیکل ترکیبی سبلان، با تلاش‌های مهندسان و کارکنان گروه مپنا و در شرایط محدودیت‌های ناشی از همه‌گیری بیماری کرونا، در دومین روز از مرداد ماه 1400 تحویل موقت شد.

MAPNA Group has temporarily delivered the first steam unit of Sabalan Combined-Cycle Power Plant in Ardabil Province, northwestern Iran.

The Sabalan power plant project consists of three 160MW steam units, a heller cooling tower, and a 400kV substation.

The construction project of the plant has been assigned to MAPNA Combined Cycle Power Plants Construction & Development Company (MD-2).

The delivery of Sabalan’s first steam unit brings MD-2’s total temporary deliveries to 15,199 MWs.

According to a deal between MAPNA Group and Sabalan Omid Power Company, the project’s client, MD-2 is to put the plant’s three steam units into operation within 24, 26 and 28 months, respectively.

MD-2 activities are mainly focused on execution of power plant and industrial utilities projects, ranging from feasibility studies to turnkey solutions.

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