Battery Swapping: MAPNA’s Solution for Rapid EV Charging

MAPNA Group is planning to implement electric vehicle battery swapping stations to facilitate drivers’ access to rapid battery charging and help promote green means of transportation.


MAPNA Group is planning to implement electric vehicle battery swapping stations to facilitate drivers’ access to rapid battery charging and help promote green means of transportation.

In recent years, EVs have gradually grabbed people’s attention and become regarded as a sort of clean energy vehicle, owing to steep decline in nonrenewable resources such as oil and coal, and also due to excessive consumption and the consequent environmental degradation.

The critical issue for the effective operation of EVs is energy replenishment. There are two basic solutions to this problem: EV charging and battery swapping.

In fast-charging (DC) stations, EVs require 30 to 60 minutes to fully charge their batteries, whereas this time climbs to 3 to 4 hours when hooked into slow DC chargers.

To tackle this issue, MAPNA is set to provide battery swapping services as an alternative solution. Battery swapping is a revolutionary technique that allows electric vehicles to be charged much more quickly. After removing the drained battery modules from the vehicle, they are placed on racks to be charged and ready for the next vehicle.

MAPNA’s prospective battery swapping stations combine the benefits of both slow charging and fast charging, i.e., slowly recharging the EV batteries at off-peak periods while quickly refueling the EVs within a very short time.

However, the development of these technologies entails more comprehensive infrastructure, including software for booking, locating and paying for such services. MAPNA Electric and Control Engineering and Manufacturing Company (MECO) has upgraded its web-based and mobile applications to include the new feature, assisting EV drivers in quickly replenishing or swapping their batteries.

Mobile Application 

MECO’s Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Development Center (EVIC) has created a Progressive Web Application (PWA) that is available for Android and iOS smartphones.

The app allows users to reserve and locate charging stations, as well as make payments. The software also includes a detailed explanation on various EV charging options.

The change brought around by the upgrade will be fundamental. When the number of battery swapping stations gets big enough, EV drivers can locate the nearest station with ready batteries anytime and anywhere. 


The App’s main features currently include:

Charging Stations

Users can locate the charging stations on the map and get further information of each station, such as operating hours and charging connectors supported. 

The software also lets drivers book a charging point and check the station’s access routes on a map. In addition, users can filter stations depending on connections supported and the desired time.

Records and increasing wallet balance

EV drivers can view the records of charging operations, bookings, and payments, as well as filter them by time. By linking to banking portals, users can also add to their wallet balance.


The MAPNA application also features an online store, where users can buy home chargers. The 3D model of the products, as well as their technical features, extensive technical reviews, customer feedback, and FAQs, are all available to users. They can also track the entire order delivery process in the user panel, from order registration to delivery and installation.

The app also shows the charge percentage of the car battery whenever drivers want to stop or start the charging process, and be notified whenever there is a disruption in the charging process.

To download the MAPNA EV Charging App please visit: 

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MAPNA Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Development Center (MAPNA-EVIC)

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