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Investment in Railroad and Oil & Gas


In 2010, Islamic Republic of Iran’s Railways commissioned procurement and rental of 150 freight locomotives. MAPNA Locomotive Engineering and Manufacturing Co. along with its foreign partners are the main contractors of the project.

Advantages of the Project

  • Establishing the role of MAPNA Group as the key domestic locomotive procurement agent;
  • Turning MAPNA into owner of a large locomotive fleet;
  • Meeting needs of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways as the Group’s most important customer;
  • Securing full utilization of idle capacities in MAPNA Locomotive Engineering and Manufacturing Company for the next five years;
  • Improving technological and engineering profile of the company;
  • Increasing transportation safety;
  • Decreasing fuel consumption and air pollution;
  • Improving engineering and technological profile of domestic companies.

Scope of the Project

  • Project includes procurement of 150 freight locomotives in two types to be rented to the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways:

    • First type: 34 MAP24 freight locomotives;
    • Second type: 114 Chinese-made MAP28 freight locomotives.
    • Deadline for manufacture and delivery of the first set: one full year beginning from signing of the contract.
    • Delivery time for the first type of locomotives: beginning of the second year;
    • Delivery time for the second type of locomotives: beginning of the third year.

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