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The promising prospect of Iran’s economy has opened new horizons for various industrial and economic sectors. Expected economic boom will trigger a rise in demand for energy. Along with this trend, privatization of the power industry in different sectors including generation, transmission, and distribution will continue, providing opportunities for the industry to become a totally competitive field in the future. The government’s decision in 2013 to establish an energy stock market is the latest of such attempts. The government’s decision in expected to turn Iran’s power market into one of the most attractive markets of the region through privatization, and facilitation and encouragement of investments.

In identifying investment opportunities inside and outside the country, MAPNA Group relies upon two strategic themes: management and expansion of investment in active and inactive fields; and establishing new financial institutions to boost investment in the Group

Collaboration with external investors is also another option that MAPNA takes into consideration. We assess the competence of our partners in terms of their financial credit, past records, and technical capabilities. Regular coordination meeting are held to meet demands or conditions set by partners.

As an active investor, MAPNA has acquired partnership of foreign and domestic investors in power plant, oil and gas and railroad transportation projects under BOT (Build, Own, Transfer), BOO (Build, Operate, Own) and other similar schemes. For instance, Germany’s IFIC Holding AG (IHAG) has been a MAPNA partner in building South Isfahan Power Plant. Other partners include Iran Power Plant Investment Company (SENA) in Aliabad Katoul Power Plant.
South Isfahan Power Plant is the first successful investment project in private power plant building that was commissioned in 2002 through an memorandum of understanding signed between MAPNA International FZE and Iran Power Development Organization under a BOT scheme, with MAPNA International FZE and Germany’s IFIC Holding AG (IHAG) as investors. The level of effectiveness of a partnership is regularly evaluated according to rules and regulations set by the Group.

A second partnership method is applied through the stock exchange market. Assaluyeh Project Company, a subsidiary of MAPNA, is currently presented in the OTC (over-the-counter). Given the lucrative nature of the partnership, MAPNA seeks a similar experience for other power plants.

MAPNA’s present and future projects include:
  • 750 MW of wind farm projects;
  • Development of Assaluyeh, Tous, and Parand combined cycle plants each with 480 MW of capacity, totaling 1440 MW;
  • Zarand small-scale power plant with 25+10 MW capacity;
  • Kangan water and power co-generation plant with 25 MW power and 9,000 cubic meters per day of water generation;
  • 1 MW solar plant;
  • Water-bottling project;
  • Investment in procurement of 150 freight locomotives;

Through partnership with MAPNA, partners:

  • have the chance to oversee their share in profits;
  • Enjoy high rate of return;
  • Acquire a useful investment experience through completion of the engineering and project management cycle (with special focus on power plant projects, procurement, manufacture and construction, and operation and maintenance);
  • Enjoy MAPNA’s financial status (in terms of assets and credits);
  • Offer competitive prices for customers since the entire customer value chain is embedded inside the group and there is internal control over the value chain;
  • Rely on MAPNA’s close, effective interaction with key decision-making and legislative bodies;
  • Rely on MAPNA’S excellent domestic brand status (mainly in the field of power generation, and also in oil and gas and railroad transportation);
  • Enjoy the Group’s overseas facilities and offices;
  • Enjoy ample capabilities in manufacturing mainly in power generation, and witness short-time delivery of finished products;

Rely on professional ethics and commitment in business.

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