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Mission of MAPNA Group's Investment Division

Execution of power, oil & gas, and rail transportation projects under B.O.O, B.O.T, buyback and other Active Investor schemes to sell MAPNA Group’s products and services.


1. MAPNA generates 13% of Iran’s total power under the following types of contract:
  • Power purchase agreement (PPA) or ECA (export credit agency);
  • Direct sale in the electricity market;
  • Sales in energy stock market;
  • Sale of renewable power under renewables PPA scheme;
  • Sale of small-scale plants’ electricty under PPA scheme;
2. Water produced in MAPNA Group's power and water cogeneration plants can be supplied as drinkable and demineralized water for various industries.
  • MAPNA Qeshm Water & Electricity Generation Company sells its products via guaranteed purchase agreements.
    Major buyers of MAPNA Group’s products include:
    • Urban water and wastewater companies;
    • Rural water and wastewater companies;
    • Major water consumers in various industries;

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