MAPNA Multimodal Transportation Company (MMT)

MAPNA Multimodal Transportation Company (MMT) was established in 2020 with the aim of operating in the field of combined transportation business with the priority of rail transportation. MMT has invested in providing locomotives and wagons, as well as hardware and software facilities in freight logistics services in order to complete the business cycle of rail transportation. The company…
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MAPNA Multimodal Transportation Company (MMT) works hard to complete the supply chain of rail transportation through the procurement (purchase and rental) of locomotives, wagons, and the provision of hardware and software services and equipment through digital infrastructure.

MMT has been tasked with establishing a logistical and multimodal freight transport enterprise (road, rail, and sea) to develop and carry out domestic and international freight services.

Establishing freight firms with a trusted partner on a domestic and international level necessitates a change in the country’s transportation industry. To this end, MAPNA Group is seeking to operate as an ICT arm in the transportation industry, as well as the major trustee of such initiatives.

Railway is one of the most cost-effective ways to transport cargo, which can bolster the freight industry along other modes of transportation such as road and sea. Reaching such a multimodal goal entails the deployment of a logistics system that acts as an independent freight service provider.

The MMT, adopting a transformational approach, seeks to create “smart logistics” with the help of its personnel’s expertise and the latest technologies.

The following are MMT’s objectives in this regard:

1. Studying and tracking the rail transportation market in order to generate demand for rail transportation businesses.

2. Appropriate communication with freight customers and owners of products in order to deliver and manage the entire chain of rail freight services.

3. Effective communication with rail, road, sea, and air freight transportation companies for freight chain and logistics services, as well as the use of combined, container, and multimodal transportation methods.

4. Concluding multilateral agreements between the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways, transportation companies, and cargo owners as well as affiliated service companies, to ensure freight services at all levels – from loading to unloading.

5. Improving the reliability and availability of freight transportation services.

6. Providing the required fleet in the event of carrier services (freight).


Our Services

  1. International and domestic goods transportation services
  2. Transportation of luggage, small goods, traffic loads and car transport
  3. E-commerce services in freight transportation (digital services for the international bill of lading ecosystem).
  4. Domestic and international forwarding and carrier activities accompanied with combined transportation methods (rail, road, air and sea) as well as container and multimodal freight services
  5. Customs formalities and customs clearance, cargo marketing, packaging services, warehousing and banking services.
  6. Cargo unloading/loading services, brokerage of freight and forwarding companies, as well as contract working.
  7. Technical inspection and issuance of quality control licenses in the field of transportation services, as well as parts supply and maintenance services.
  8. Investment in and development of infrastructure and operations and related services of rail transport.
  9. Consulting services in the abovementioned fields as well as R&D in rail freight fleets, design, construction, installation and purchase and sale of parts and procurement of industrial equipment.
  10. Provision of all transportation services, including management through combined transportation service methods (rail, road, air and sea, container and multimodal).
  11. Logistics consulting and engineering services

Business Plan


A- Domestic Transportation
  1. Participation of commodity owners in the company’s share, and short-term capital growth.
  2. Existence of rail freight market resources in the country, including:
    1. Railway market share growth from 8.11% to 30% by 2025
    2. Railway share development in rail-based ports (share increase from 10% to 30%)
    3. Establishing dry ports (effective in the development of combined and container transport, especially from ports).
  3. Considering the 11% share of the rail freight market in the total land transportation and the existence of a potential freight market in mineral sector (157 million tons) and basic goods (at least 12 million tons entering Bandar Imam Port), MMT is aiming for the transportation of at least 5.12 billion ton-kilometers (36% of the current market share) equivalent to 10 million tons of the invested fleet (20% of the current market) for the mid-term period.
  4. Investment in supplying 3,500 long-edge freight wagons, 1,400 bulk wagons, and 350 roofed wagons.
B- International Transportation
  1. Marketing and development of international forwarding activities and forming joint ventures or active branches in the European and CIS markets.
  2. Allocation of a maximum of 350 roofed wagons for international transportation as well as high-sided and bulk wagons for transit, export and import of goods.
  3. Increasing the share of rail transport in the export and transit markets (currently rail transport has 25% of the total land transport). This will increase to 2 million tons by providing roofed wagons based on international standards, especially in the northern railway toward Inche Borun (situated near the border with Turkmenistan).
C- Cargo Logistics and Electronic Services
  1. Providing digital freight services within a combined rail and road freight ecosystem.
  2. Investing in loading and unloading services with the aim of completing the logistics supply chain of wholesale and retail goods.
  3. Providing other logistic services such as customs clearance as well as insurance and banking services.
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