Wagon Pars Company

Wagon Pars Company (WPCO) is the largest manufacturer of rail fleet, including freight and passenger wagons, locomotives, train sets, subway cars and bogies, in Iran.
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Address: No. 12, Fourth Alley, Pakistan St., Shahid Beheshti St., Tehran, Iran


Established in 1974, WPCO started manufacturing different types of rolling stock in 1984. The company is a pioneering manufacturer of rolling stock in the Middle East region. WPCO’s central office is situated in capital Tehran, while its factory is located in the central city of Arak, Markazi Province.

Covering a 354,000-sq meter land, Wagon Pars has 1,250 people on its payroll, who are working in different sections of the company, including production units (100,000sqm), office divisions (14,000sqm), warehouse (18,000sqm), and the WPCO Cultural & Sports Institute (2,500sqm). WPCO company is connected to the national rail network via an aggregate of 33km of rail tracks.

The company’s production lines are equipped with cutting-edge technology and equipment for the manufacture of various types of freight wagons, passenger cars, subway cars, trains, locomotives, and bogies.

Moreover, WPCO is active in the production of heavy locomotives, passenger wagons and restaurant coaches and generator wagons jointly with or under the license of France’s Alstom and Germany’s Siemens, and Bombardier as well as other well-known brands including Germany’s SGP, Serbia’s Goša FOM, and China’s CRRC. The company has manufactured a variety of wagons under the standards of International Union of Railways (UIC) as well as other well-known brands. So far, Wagon Pars has exported over 2,000 wagons and bogies to the international markets, including Cuba, Sudan, Syria, Bangladesh and China. All exported wagons are currently in operation and have received full customer satisfaction.

Wagon Pars has set new strategies and horizons to expand into new markets across the world. R&D and innovation in production have made WPCO one of the top manufacturers in the region.  The company delivers it products exactly based on the customer needs and preferences.


Freight and passenger locomotives, trainset wagons, subway cars, 6-and 4-passenger coupe wagons, passenger coaches, restaurant coaches, all kinds of freight wagons, bogies, etc.


Design, manufacture, rehabilitation, renovation and repair of rolling stock


  • Trainset DMU production in partnership with Siemens AG
  • Metro car production in partnership with Changchung Railway Vehicles Company (CRRC)
  • Locomotive production in partnership with Alstom
  • Manufacture of Pars-33 locomotive
  • Manufacture of two-axle bogies
  • Manufacture of three-axle bogies
  • Manufacture of Y25 bogies
  • Manufacture of Y25-LSD1 bogies
  • Manufacture of Alstom locomotive bogies
  • Manufacture of MD36 bogies
  • Manufacture of MD52 bogies
  • Manufacture of MD523-1 bogies
  • Manufacture of Fabricate bogies
  • Manufacture of national freight bogies
  • Manufacture of the 18100 bogies
  • Manufacture of six-passenger coupe wagons
  • Manufacture of four-passenger coupe wagons
  • Manufacture of grain hopper wagons
  • Manufacture of container wagons
  • Manufacture of ballast wagons
  • Manufacture of high-sided box wagons
  • Manufacture of four-axle flat wagons
  • Manufacture of two-axle flat wagons
  • Manufacture phosphate hopper wagons
  • Manufacture vehicle transport wagons
  • Manufacture of bulk goods wagons
  • Manufacture of canvas covered wagons
  • Manufacture of acid tank wagons
  • Manufacture of powder (such as cement) transport wagons
  • Manufacture of 26-meter container transport wagons
  • Repair and maintenance of passenger coupe wagons
  • Repair and maintenance of passenger coaches for Syrian Railways
  • Repair and maintenance of restaurant coaches for Syrian Railways
  • Repair and maintenance of various locomotives
  • Repair and maintenance of various freight wagons

Certificates, Standards & Awards

  • ISO 9001 – ISO 3834
  • Kaizen Institute “5S Best in Class” Certification and Award


Throughout its 37-year history, Wagon Pars Company has been able to localize the knowledge of rail vehicle design and manufacture, relying on the hard work and expertise of its staff as well as the collaboration with respectable firms around the world.

The provision of necessary facilities has aided the company in producing the majority of its required equipment in its own factories. Wagon Pars has turned into a one-of-a-kind brand in the region due to its design expertise, as well as its commitment to preserving and increasing product quality and after-sales support to clients.

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