What are the steps of standardization in one of the largest industrial and scientific groups in Iran?

MAPNA, A pioneer in Industrial Standardization

Pioneer in Industrial Standardization

Niam Scheme

MAPNA Group’s Niam (MAPNA Standard Power Plant) scheme was introduced to the country’s power producers community at a seminar in late 2008.

This specialized event was the first step to explain the standards which are designed for the country’s power producers. As one of the foundations of science and technology, standards and standardization play a significant role in the development of industry and economy. Since 2008, MAPNA, as one of the largest industrial groups in the country, has considered the standardization process as an integral part of its business and it has been a pioneer in creating the procedures of standardization.


This necessity finds extra importance considering the vision, mission, products and services of MAPNA Group. Imagine how much sensitivity it requires to design the parts needed in manufacturing rotary equipment such as gas turbines and centrifugal compressors, which are an important part of the machines needed in the oil industry. MAPNA group gives very special attention and care to this accuracy and sensitivity under the framework of ‘unitary standards’.

In addition to its specialized lines of business, MAPNA Group has always tried to reach a high level in other service and support sectors. MAPNA Group’s relationship with a large number of domestic and foreign companies and institutions has provided the possibility to use multiple, yet integrated procedures and standards in order to provide better services.

In this regard, MAPNA Group has earned numerous certificates including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, HSE-MS, ISO TS 2263, ISO 29001, ISO 14031, ISO 10015, and ISO 10004, while the process of earning other standards is still ongoing. Also, according to the requirements of MAPNA Group, all main subsidiaries of the conglomerate are also required to obtain IMS certificates according to their fields of activity.

Head of Quality Assurance and Excellence of MAPNA Group, Mohammad Rahim Soltani said: “The Department of Systems and Information in MAPNA Group, as the supervisor of implementing standards, takes the necessary measures and infrastructure to establish, upgrade and maintain the required standards. The procedure of obtaining a standard for a specific product or service is initiated either by our department or the subsidiary engaged with the product.”

Explaining the process of obtaining CSR standards, Soltani said: “In a joint activity with the Communications & Marketing Department, we came to the conclusion that we need to receive the ISO 26000 standard, which is the ultimate standard for corporate social responsibility”. The process is either carried out by the quality assurance unit or by the unit that intends to do its work based on the existing standards. As a result, the unit takes the necessary steps to obtain the required standard.

“For each of the standard subjects, we have regulations, instructions and processes based on which we check the compliance with the requirements. Of course, these standards are checked and implemented in the relevant units in a more detailed manner.”

When reviewing MAPNA Group’s standardization records and performance, it should be remembered that in terms of quality assurance, MAPNA is one of the few companies with double-digit standard certificates. In addition to MAPNA Group, five of its subsidiaries have been awarded standard trophies, which shows the maturity of the conglomerate in this area.

In general, a look at different units of MAPNA Group shows that most of the required standards have been already obtained by the organization. Any new standard, if necessary, will be obtained by the Department of Systems and Information promptly.

As an international conglomerate, MAPNA Group usually receives standards from original bodies, and in the technical field, obtains the standards from subsidiary companies. At the moment, MAPNA is one of the handful of Iranian companies that has obtained double-digit certifications while also boasting a silver trophy granted by  Iran National Excellence Awards.

The establishment of these standards has improved the performance and quality of products and services on par with reputable international companies and is the best way to achieve excellence in different business industries of MAPNA Group. This path provides us with the best lessons for having a better business by using up-to-date management processes and methods.

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