Toward More Sustainable Power Generation with MAPNA’s MGT-75 Turbines

MGT-75 is the latest gas turbine designed and manufactured by MAPNA Group. Incorporating cutting-edge technologies, the F-Class MGT-75 is engineered to provide customers with high efficiency, low emission, and high operational flexibility.

The advanced machine offers a 222MW and 330MW electricity generation capability, respectively in simple-cycle and combined-cycle power plants, and can compete with similar global products. The MGT-75 also boosts the efficiency rate of single- and combined-cycle power plants to over 39.1% and 59%, respectively. The turbine also consumes less gas and is more eco-friendly while tripling the efficiency of older power plants.

Besides gas, the advanced turbine can run on hydrogen -a zero carbon fuel- along main fuels (natural gas or diesel), substantially reducing the power plant’s emissions.

The eco-friendly gas turbine has been designed and developed in line with an agreement between the Thermal Power Plants Holding Company, a subsidiary of Energy Ministry, and MAPNA Group to improve efficiency and reduce electricity waste. The agreement stipulates the construction of 5,000 MW of thermal power plants by 2024, using F-class gas turbines made inside the country.

Implementation of MGT-75 will help convert Besat Thermal Power Plant, southern Tehran, to an advanced national power plant. In addition to gas turbines, other main equipment of this power plant such as steam turbines, generators, electrical and control systems as well as digital monitoring and the AI-based optimal operation system, are all manufactured by MAPNA subsidiaries. MAPNA Group has designed and developed such equipment during the last seven years with the goal of improving the country’s infrastructure and worldwide competitiveness.

With the ability to burn a large variety of fuels and fuel gas compositions including H2/NG mixtures, in line with the latest global environmental trends, the MGT-75 gas turbine contributes to green power generation. Power plants equipped with MGT-75 turbines are constantly monitored via an IoT-based platform called “MAPNA Mind”. The MGT-75 can be built in the 190-230MW power range while maintaining the same productivity to meet the needs of customers.

All these features, along with other products and services, will ultimately aid MAPNA in fulfilling its environmental and social responsibilities.

MGT-75 turbines can replace older turbines operating across Iran, thus providing electricity with less environmental impact to industries and citizens.


In addition to having longer overhaul intervals, the MGT-75 turbine will be easier to maintain because the majority of its parts are made in the country.

This turbine and the power plant that uses it are among the significant accomplishments of the MAPNA Group’s more than a decade of research, development, and design of power plant equipment; efforts that began in the mid-2000s to design and develop domestic gas turbines and eventually resulted in significant achievements, such as the manufacture of MAP2+, MAP2A, and MAP2B turbines.

The MAP2B gas turbine, also known as MGT-70 (3), is among the most important achievements in this regard. Since 2017, 42 units of MGT-70(3) have been sold or commissioned to the domestic and international customers (26 machines to domestic buyers and 16 turbines to foreign customers).

MAPNA Group has been working hard to up its game in the power sector through a multitude of strategies, with the aim of outperforming domestic and foreign rivals via superior products and services.

Parallel to these plans, MAPNA Group began an independent project for a newer generation turbine and MGT-75 power plants in in the early 2010s in cooperation with the Thermal Power Plants Holding company.

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