Reflecting past, present, and future: MAPNA Group's 30-year journey of transformation and innovation

MAPNA Group President’s message

MAPNA Group commemorates its 30th anniversary today, a milestone that beckons us to reflect upon its transformative journey. As we cast our gaze back, the trajectory of MAPNA Group unfurls before us—one adorned with the indelible marks of knowledge pursuit, unwavering commitment, value creation, and the orchestration of effective solutions for the Iranian industry.
Conceived in the auspicious soil of August 1993, MAPNA took root as a blessed seed. Three decades of ceaseless toil and commitment by its dedicated personnel have now culminated in the emergence of a towering tree in the rich tapestry of Iran’s engineering and industrial landscape.
While the cornerstone of a corporation’s mission remains the maximization of benefits for its shareholders, the contemporary global landscape demands a broader role of companies beyond their financial pursuits. Beyond financial success, companies contribute significantly to the sustainable development of communities, leaving a lasting impact.
The flourishing of MAPNA Group’s capacities across the expanse of these thirty years, accompanied by the tireless endeavors of other key industrial players within Iran, has engendered not only gratification for us but also opened up new opportunities for innovative approaches to the challenges that arise in the industrial sphere.
The various technologies we’ve developed and the increased manufacturing of advanced industrial apparatus across our diverse business lines stand as a testament to our relentless efforts. This accomplishment is a collective result, a tribute to the dedication of MAPNA Group’s personnel, from our founding pioneers to the current team members who continue to drive us forward.
Without a doubt, the path ahead for MAPNA Group is illuminated by the beacon of its resplendent past. However, our journey isn’t solely about overcoming challenges; rather, it’s about leveraging our exceptional human resources to chart new territories. Thus, our vision for the next decade entails strategic investments, improved efficiency, the integration of new technologies, and the aspiration to establish ourselves as an international reference for advanced innovations.
As we celebrate this remarkable milestone, it’s a fitting time to reflect on the lessons learned from the past three decades. We extend our gratitude to all those who have contributed to MAPNA Group’s achievements and continue to shape our path ahead.

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