Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

MAPNA Group has initiated a mission to convert vehicles with internal combustion engines to EVs in line with the plans to achieve its environmental goals. Transportation fleet accounts for about 20% of the world’s total energy demand and 30% of the global greenhouse emission, so implementing more efficient and environmentally friendly techniques appears to be a must.

Given the major role of vehicles in this regard, a variety of technologies and innovations have been proposed to improve their performance in terms of energy, economy and environment. Electric vehicles in their diverse forms (xEV) are one of the leading solutions to transportation restructuring plans.

From a macro view, the use of an all-electric and hybrid vehicle can save about two to three times more energy from “well to wheel” depending on how the power and primary fuel are supplied. To put it another way, an internal combustion vehicle requires two to three times the amount of fossil fuel extracted from the well to produce the same amount of mechanical energy in the vehicle wheel as an electric car.

Basically, electric powertrains replace traditional internal combustion engines in xEVs. This replacement uses a smaller, lighter engine that improves acceleration and energy conversion efficiency while lowering repair and maintenance costs, noise pollution, and fuel consumption. EVs’ regenerative braking technology also helps to cut down on fuel use and curb gas emission.

Electric vehicles run on batteries that store electricity to power the electric motor. Grid electricity from renewable sources or gas-fired power plants can be used to recharge these batteries, making it a relatively clean source of energy. This not only reduces the quantity of poison spewed into the atmosphere, but it also relocates the major sources of carbon emissions from cities, which are already facing with environmental challenges.

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