DC Station Charger 120kW – MECO-DCSC

This charger is suitable for both indoor and outdoor charging. It has a 120 kW power rating and a unique design that makes it easy to install in EV charging stations, parking lots, and shopping centers. It can connect to a central server that allows managing and monitoring the charging process. The charger has 11 different models with different types of connectors. It can also access the internet via Wi-Fi or LAN. Other features of this charger include RFID authentication, LCD display, and simultaneous charging.

  • Measures output power to manage consumption
  • Supports GB/T, CHAdeMO, CCS and AC standards for connectors
  • Connects to the data center via LAN and Wi-Fi
  • Supports OCPP 1.6 protocol for communication and control
  • Supports CCS standard for fast charging
  • Allows charging two vehicles simultaneously
  • Equipped with RFID system and QR code for authentication
  • Provides overcurrent, overvoltage, earth fault and leakage current protections
  • Equipped with color LCD for display
  • Has an emergency stop switch for safety
  • Equipped with 5, 7, or 10 meter long cables for flexibility
  • Remote setting and control
Can be installed in:
  • Urban charging stations
  • Airports
  • Malls, offices, and major restaurants
  • Parking spaces
  • Hotels
Technical Specifications


Supported Standards: IEC/ISO15118

Nominal power: 120 kW

Nominal voltage: 150-500 V DC Maximum current: 250 A

Number of outputs: Two


Maximum current: 210 A

Voltage: 360-420 V AC, three-phase

Input characteristic:


Power coefficient:

More than 0.99%

THD: Less than 5% nominal

Efficiency:  94%

Operating frequency:

50-60 Hz

Earth grid arrangement:


Type of input protection:

Power switch (located outside the charger)

User Interface

Display: 7-inch color LCD

Authentication: QR code and RFID

Language: Persian/English/Arabic and Russian


Communication protocol: OCPP 1.6

Network type: LAN/Wi-Fi/3G/4G

Environmental Specifications

Ingress protection: IP 54

Working temperature: -25 – 55 degrees Celsius

Mechanical Specifications

Body material: Metal

Cable length: 5m, 7m, or 10m

Dimensions: 2000*800*400 mm

Connector model: CCS

Weight: 350Kg

station (on a flat surface): CCS


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