Generator & Transformer Protection System

In power plants, equipment protection and maintenance is of particular importance, in addition to capital saving, protection system plays an important role in reliable electricity generation. In case a machine lacks the adequate safety mechanisms, or the protection system is somehow out of service, most likely, in the event of a malfunction, it will be damaged to such an extent that it would be impossible to fix. This would incur heavy costs in terms of buying new equipment, and repairs and bring electricity generation to a long-lasting halt. And since generators are one of the basic equipment in power plants, if they run into a problem the whole system will be disconnected from the network and halts production for a long time.

Protection System:

The protection system detects incorrect operation and electrical faults in the generator, generator busbar, excitation system, main transformer, unit transformer and station transformer and quickly disconnects the faulty circuit from the network. The system of each protection relay is designed in such a way that in case of an error outside the protection zone defined for that relay, it does not cause an incorrect trip.

Measurement System:

All electrical parameters in each power plant unit are measured via power plant transducers. Additionally, the meters measure the net energy sold to the grid and the energy produced in the power plant.

Technical Specifications:

      – Protection system:

  • Protection of generator, main transformer, unit transformer and power plant transformer station
  • Protective coordination between different parts of the power plant
  • Fixing errors with maximum speed and reliability
  • Protecting the generator in two forms of main and auxiliary protection
  • Protecting the power plant main transformer
  • Protecting unit transformer
  • Protecting station transformer
  • Featuring independent protection panel
  • Recording incidents for future analysis
  • Sending important signals to the power plant control section

 – Measurement System:

  • Measuring the power plant production capacity and energy consumption
  • Measuring the net capacity distributed to the network
  • Measuring active and reactive power capacity with 0.2 and 0.5 accuracy respectively
  • Measuring the power plant output and input energy
  • Accurate measurement of power plant parameters
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