Industrial Drives

Smart industrial drive systems are easy to use and implement in the automation environment. They help to speed up the design, engineering, and integration processes and reduce energy and maintenance costs throughout the entire life cycle. By using digital and smart industrial drive technology, one can collect, analyze, and utilize comprehensive data from motors and converters. This can help users optimize processes, evaluate machine conditions, and plan the optimal maintenance schedule.

MECO’s industrial drives are designed to meet all standard requirements and enhance productivity and efficiency in industrial processes. The flexibility of MECO’s drives allows users to optimize control and processes and achieve high reliability and low downtime.

Main Benefits of Industrial Drives
• Improving energy efficiency

Variable-frequency drives are designed to control and operate the main motors of industries according to the current needs of the processes. MAPNA Electric & Control, Engineering & Manufacturing Co. (MECO) has developed a wide range of AC drives with low and medium voltage (MV), as well as a set of DC drives.

• Ensuring safe operation

Industrial drives use numerical (computer) controllers that increase the reliability of the systems. When designing a system with safe operation, you need devices and equipment such as controllable drives with speed and torque control capabilities to provide efficient and safe results. You also need to make sure that all devices can communicate with each other reliably and quickly.

• Reducing harmonics

Harmonics are distortions in the electrical current or voltage that cause increased losses, overheating, reduced equipment life, and unreliable performance. In the worst case, harmonics can cause unwanted and unnecessary interruptions in the process. Industrial drives can reduce harmonics.

Benefits of using drives in such situations are:
  • Improving the quality of power supply
  • Reducing the risk of harmonics and telecommunication interference and noise
  • Protecting other equipment that is sensitive to harmonics
  • Preventing frequency disturbance to communication and telecommunication equipment and industrial networks
  • Reducing repair costs and damages caused by breakdowns
  • Lowering the total cost of ownership due to reduced energy costs and upstream equipment and maintenance costs
Industrial drives and remote control of induction-asynchronous electric machines

Low voltage drives

Low-voltage drives are suitable for low-voltage motors, frequency converters, and a wide range of applications, such as cooling systems with fans, material transfer and handling systems, electro-compressor systems, cranes, pumps, etc. Low-voltage drives can save energy, improve process quality and availability, reduce harmonics, facilitate start-up, and increase power quality, according to standard requirements.


Medium voltage drives

Medium voltage drives are designed for motor voltages ranging from 1 kV to 11 kV. Medium voltage drives have high reliability, longevity, and quality required by modern programs and special projects, meeting the complex requirements of the projects. MECO can provide technical services and support in the shortest time and with the highest quality. Medium voltage drives are offered in capacities higher than 350 kW and in special and sensitive applications, according to standard requirements. They can be designed and provided up to 25 MW, based on the type of application and customer needs.

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