Water and Electricity Cogeneration

water and electricity cogeneration project

(1 x MGT30 + 1 x BPST + 1 x MEDTVC)

Definition of the project: water and electricity cogeneration with the MGT30 25 MW combined cycle gas turbine including:

  • a dual pressure recovery boiler;
  • anMIGD MED-TVC desalination unit;
  • adual pressuresteam turbineand the related generator; and,
  • anMGT30gasturbineand the related generator.

In this project, the steam produced in the low-pressure section of the recovery boiler is mixed with the pre-pressurized turbine’s output steam to provide the steam required for the desalination unit.

Advantages of the project:

  • Higheffectiveelectrical efficiency
  • Production of high-quality fresh water
  • Distributed generation and desalination simultaneously
  • A significant increase inefficiencycompared withsimplecycle power plants
  • Substituting thedesalination unit for the cooling system at the outputof thesteam turbine – and thus removing thecoolingsystem

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