Manufacture of 150 Diesel-Electric Locomotives

Project Specifications

MAPNA Group is Iran’s first and leading manufacturer of diesel-electric passenger locomotives. The company signed a contract with Siemens in 2006 to transfer technology and initiate manufacturing of the locomotives in its modern factory in the outskirts of Karaj, west of Tehran.

The contract includes:
  • Delivery of 30 completely-built units (CBU) of locomotives
  • Delivery of 120 units of locomotives + localization and technology transfer

​This was complemented by another contract signed in 2016 based on which MAPNA Group will commission 50 Iran Safir locomotives to Iran’s railway system.
Electro-pneumatic brake system, power supply system, a maximum speed of 160 kms per hour, and the advanced SIBAS-32 control system have made Iran Safir one of the most advanced diesel-electric passenger locomotives.
Iran Safir locomotives shoulder a major volume of Iran’s rail transportation, particularly in the popular Tehran-Mashhad route.

Project Image

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