Package C Project For The Development Of Isfahan Refinery

Project Specifications

Brief account of project- The plan for Isfahan refinery’s process development and optimization has been defined in five packages (A~E) and is intended to pursue the following objectives:

Reducing heavy products (fuel oil) and instead boosting production of light and more valuable products (mainly gasoline) through construction of new process units, promotion of the quality of main products (gasoline, kerosene and gas oil) in compliance with European standards through setting up of required process units, stabilizing the optimized refining capacity at 373000 barrels per day and boosting operational flexibility through construction of a new distillation unit.

Mapna’s Scope of Operations (package C): includes construction work, procurement of equipment, erection of running of units, production and distribution of electricity and steam, water supply, servicing and precision tool air, bridging of nitrogen processing and distribution units, water and industrial waste water treatment units, construction of refinery storage tanks and execution of relevant constructional projects.

Employer: National Iranian Oil Engineering Company

Project Image

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