Tous Gas Power Plant (BOO)

Project Specifications

Tous (Ferdowsi) Gas Power Plant consists of six gas units each with a capacity of 159 MW at ISO conditions. The gas turbines used in the power plant are of V94.2 version of type 5 and a 400 kV substation. The plant is located 15 km from Mashhad on the road to Quchan in the vicinity of old Tous power plant. The power plant has been built on the basis of energy conversion agreement (ECA) and in the form of build, own and operate (BOO).

In order to implement Tous (Ferdowsi) Gas Power Plant Project, the investor companies first established a project company named MAPNA Tous Power Generation Company (Private Joint Stock) in the Iranian month of Dey in 1382 (Dec. 22, 2003– Jan. 20, 2004). The company’s mission has been defined as follows: Concluding a contract for energy conversion as the representative of MAPNA Company together with other necessary contracts; financing; supervision over construction of the power plant, operation, maintenance and delivery of electrical energy to the purchaser.

Supply of the main fuel (gas) and the substitute fuel (gasoil) was undertaken by TAVANIR (Iran Power Generation and Transmission Company). Tous Power Generation Company is committed to sell the generated electricity to TAVANIR Company exclusively.

The contract for construction of Tous Power Plant was signed between MAPNA Tous Power Generation Company (on behalf of MAPNA Group) as the client and the contracting consortium on 31 July 2004.

The project duration had been predicted at 36 months to which 12 months were added as the guarantee period.

Meanwhile, the contract for the operation and repair works of the power plant was communicated on 22 July 2009.

The parties to this contract are MAPNA Company and MAPNA Operation and Maintenance Company. Currently, all the six units of the power plant have been synchronized and are commercially operational.

The output of Tous Power Plant was 6,491,255 MW per hour in the first year.

Table on Synchronization of UnitsDateUnit

Project: Tous Gas Power Plant (BOO)

Contract Type: BOO

Location: Mashad-Qouchan Road, Khorasan Razavi Province

Client: Tous Power Generation Company

Project Type: Investment Projects

Capacity: 954 MW

Units Configuration: 159 x 6

Status: Commissioned

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