Yazd Solar Thermal Power Plant

Project Specifications

The solar-thermal power plant of Yazd comprises three gas, steam and solar power plants.  Its gas section is comprised of two 159 MW units, the steam section has the capacity of one 132 MW unit, and the solar unit has the capacity of 17 MW. The total capacity of the power plant is 308 MW at the time of commissioning and at ISO conditions.

Unique in its kind in the country, Yazd solar-thermal power plant is located near Yazd city, which is considered among Iran’s important cities in terms of the level of solar energy. Its high efficiency due to simultaneous utilization of gas, steam and solar energy as well as clean energies is among prominent features of the power plant.

V94.2 gas and E Type (E30-16-1-1×6.3) steam turbines have been used in Yazd Power Plant. Also the power energy produced at this plant is transferred to the nationwide network through a 230 kV substation. The transfer line and construction of this station is within the responsibilities of the client.

Iran Power Development Company (IPDC) is the project client, Mashanir Company is the client consultant and MAPNA MD-2 Company is its main contractor. The contract on construction of the power plant was sent to MAPNA Company on 10 January 2004.


Project: Yazd Solar Thermal Power Plant

Contract Type: EPC

Location: Yazd Province

Client: Iran Power Development Company (IPDC)

Project Type: Engineering & Construction

Capacity: 308 MW

Units Configuration: 17 + (132 x 1) + (159 x 2)

Start Date:

Status: Commissioned

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