reverse osmosis (ro) membrane water purification

products reverse osmosis (ro) membrane water purification reverse osmosis (ro) membrane water purification Membrane technologies for seawater desalination have received a lot of attention in recent years, thanks to advancements in membrane manufacturing around the world. Membrane separation processes vary depending on the type of separation, but they all have one thing in common: the …

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map metro (subway train)

products map metro (subway train) map metro (subway train) Considering the need of the country’s metropolitan cities for subway cars, MAPNA Locomotive Engineering and Manufacturing Company (MLC) has put the design and localization of subway trains on its agenda. The project aims to maximize the capabilities of local specialists and manufacturers while also developing a …

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electric locomotive

products electric locomotive electric locomotive One of the goals of the Iran 2025 Vision is to build and expand a 6,000-kilometer electric railway network, and as a result, the Islamic Republic of Iran Railway has prioritized the electrification of the Tehran-Mashhad line. With a length of 926 kilometers, the Tehran-Mashhad double-track line is one the …

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the national 45mw generator

products the national 45mw generator the national 45mw generator The MG4 plan is a science-based project that provides access to the immediate knowledge of designing and constructing power generators in the medium power range and paves the way for the achievement of self-sufficiency in the field of designing power generators with different power ranges. The construction …

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water tube boilers

products water tube boilers water tube boilers The Mapna Group’s power equipment provision unit has designed and built water tube boilers. The aim of this project, under the Mapna Groups supervision, was to design and construct water tube boilers with a capacity of over 200 tons of steam per hour at high pressure for processing …

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stand-alone boilers

products stand-alone boilers stand-alone boilers The objective of designing and developing boilers is to recover the required steam using a duct burner equipped with fresh air firing under conditions where the gas turbine is not functional. A stand-alone boiler is a type of heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) that is capable of producing the steam …

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