Iran’s Ministry of Energy and MAPNA Group signed a memorandum of understanding on May 15, 2016 that assigns MAPNA with construction of 5000 MW of combined cycle power plants.

The MoU was signed on Sunday at the Ministry of Power Central Office in Tehran in a ceremony attended by Minister of Energy Hamid Chitchian, MAPNA Group CEO Abbas Aliabadi, Iran Power Development Company CEO Mohsen Tarztalab and Deputy Energy Minister in Electricity and Energy Affairs Houshang Falahatian.

Minister of Energy Hamid Chitchian spoke of plans to increase Iran’s electric power capacity by 50 thousand megawatts in the next ten years and by the end of the Seventh Five-Year Development Plan. Chitchian praised MAPNA’s diverse capabilities, including its domestic manufacturing of turbines. “Several international companies have expressed interest in purchasing MAPNA products. This demonstrates the maturity of Iran’s power plant construction industry,” he added.

Also speaking during the event, MAPNA CEO Abbas Aliabadi addressed the importance of security of electricity supply. “Without a reliable electric power industry, it would be hard to run the country,” Aliabadi said. “If we fail to supply electric power, we could not focus on other industrial fields.”

MAPNA CEO stressed the significant capacity of Iran’s electric power industry, referring to its ability to manufacture main equipment domestically and with a reasonable pricing.

Aliabadi also touched on MAPNA Group’s basket of products. “MAPNA either offers or plans to offer small 25 MW and 45 MW turbines, F-Class turbines, and Distributed Generation and CHP (combined heat and power) turbines,” he said.

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