MAPNA Group Produces Home-Made Wireless Charger

MAPNA Group, through its subsidiary MEEDCo, has successfully produced its own version of a wireless charger for mobile phones. The device, which is fully developed within Iran and uses local equipment, is capable of charging any mobile phone with a wireless charging system, including those running on Android and IOS platforms.

According to experts, the MEEDCo charger can compete with well-known brands from around the world.

This accomplishment marks another milestone for MAPNA Group’s recent efforts to enter the B2C market. To achieve this goal, the company has established a number of enterprises, including the MAPNA Electrification and Energy Storage Development Company (MEEDCo), which operates in the consumer electronics sector.

Following the acquisition of lithium battery technology, MEEDCo has begun constructing a factory for producing these batteries, as well as other electronic devices that work with them, such as wireless chargers for mobile phones.

Recently, MEEDCo released the first edition of its wireless charger, called MEEDCO Wireless Charger H into the market at the beginning of 2023. This achievement demonstrates the capabilities of Iranian companies to produce high-quality electronic devices that can compete in the global market.

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