Electrification A Fundamental Solution to Noise Pollution: Aliabadi 

MAPNA Group President Abbas Aliabadi says electrification is a fundamental solution to address the growing issue of noise pollution in the world. 

He made the comments while addressing the 9th congress of Acoustical Sciences of Iran on May 27, 2023, here in Tehran. 

Electrification can reduce the harmful effects of human activities in the industrial sector and decrease energy intensity, he said, adding that MAPNA Group has taken some fundamental steps in this direction.

He also talked about the importance and use of the science of acoustics in MAPNA Group’s areas of work. “Reducing noise at the source of production is one of MAPNA Group’s concerns in all business industries, including the aviation field, which needs advanced technologies in the field of acoustics,” he said. 

He mentioned some solutions to reduce noise in jet engines, such as active noise control, stator geometry design, and sound-absorbing materials. In the energy sector, especially renewable energies and wind turbines, reducing noise pollution is a serious challenge, he added. 

He stressed the importance of using sound technologies to lower the noise level in thermal power plants, including gas turbines, diesel engine, cooling towers, Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG), and superchargers.

Furthermore, Aliabadi pointed out the need to reduce “energy intensity” (the ratio of energy use to gross national product) in Iran and said that electrification of transportation infrastructure is essential to lower energy intensity. He called on universities to join this process.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he touched upon the achievements of MAPNA Group in various areas, noting that more than 4,000 companies are in the supply chain of the conglomerate. 

MAPNA now exports more than 200 advanced products to other countries and competes with the world’s industrial giants, he said, adding, “We think that MAPNA is still at the start of its development path and has a lot of growth potential.” MAPNA Group is an industrial enterprise that works in various fields, including the electrification of transportation. The group believes that electric vehicles (EVs) can help reduce pollution, emissions, and energy use, as well as create more jobs and income. The group has built Iran’s first electric vehicle charging station in Tehran and is planning to electrify the transportation system in other cities, including Mashhad.

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