MAPNA Group Showcases Achievements at 2023 Iran Oil Show

MAPNA Group showcased its latest achievements in the oil and gas sector at the 27th Iran International Oil, Gas, Refining & Petrochemical Exhibition in Tehran while also inking contracts on the sidelines of the event.

The Iran Oil Show 2023, a grand showcase of the latest achievements and technologies in the oil and gas industry, opened its doors to visitors on May 17 in Tehran. The exhibition was a hub of excitement and exchange for four days, until it concluded on May 20.

MAPNA Group hosted high ranking officials including the First Vice President, Oil Minister, CEO of National Oil Company, CEO of National Iranian Gas Company, CEO of Iranian Central Oil Fields Company, CEO and the Board Chair of Iranian Gas Transmission Company as well as experts, researchers and students during the event.

On the sidelines of the exhibition, Mavadkaran Engineering Company, a subsidiary of MAPNA Group, signed a contract with Arak Oil Refinery for manufacturing SGT-700 gas turbine parts for the first time in Iran.

Meanwhile, the conglomerate negotiated with various oil and gas companies with a focus on gas turbines such as SGT-400 and DT-90 and also on a power and water cogeneration project on Lavan Island.

Furthermore, the conglomerate used the opportunity to build business relationships by meeting with various employer and contractor companies. The group also showcased its achievements by forming close ties and holding joint sessions with them.

Various departments of MAPNA Group such as those active in oil and gas, service, and power were present in the exhibition.

The event attracted not only Iranian firms, but also 200 companies from 13 countries who came to display their products and services, network with potential partners and clients, and explore new opportunities in the Iranian market.

MAPNA Group is an industrial enterprise that consists of more than 70 specialized subsidiaries and affiliates. The group is active in a wide spectrum of businesses, including engineering, construction and development of thermal power plants, renewables, combined heat and power facilities, combined power generation and water desalination plants, as well as engineering, execution and development of offshore and onshore oil and gas projects, execution of rail transportation projects, electrification, medical imaging services, operation, repair and maintenance services. MAPNA Group is also engaged in financing industrial projects within a variety of investment frameworks. The group was established in 1993 as a general contractor for power plant projects. Over the years, it evolved from a sole contractor to a licensed producer to a technology owner. It is now a leading name in the global gas turbine market, manufacturing state-of-the-art turbines in line with the plans to make the power industry more efficient. In the mid-2000s, the group joined two strategic sectors: oil & gas and rail transportation. In 2018, the group became one of the first Iranian contractors to qualify for oil exploration and development.

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