MAPNA’s Wagon Pars Breaks 40-Year Production Record

MAPNA Group’s Wagon Pars Company has managed to produce and deliver 1000 kinds of different rail products in a year, breaking its 40-year production record.

This new record comes more than two years after MAPNA Group fully acquired Wagon Pars Company.

Thanks to the hard work, skills, equipment and experience of its staff and the support of MAPNA Group, the company regained the trust of clientes and signed many contracts to sell all kinds of freight and passenger wagons, locomotives and bogies. It delivered a thousand units of different rail products to customers and the country’s rail fleet in a year.  

The company has also taken successful steps in research and development of products and entering new markets.

Some of its projects include building five-star passenger wagons, metro cars, lighter freight wagons, freight wagons with 25T axle load, 26-meter flat wagons, containers, and air conditioning systems for passenger cars.

Established in 1974, Wagon Pars is the largest manufacturer of rail fleet, including freight and passenger wagons, locomotives, train sets, subway cars and bogies, in Iran and the Middle East. The company has manufactured a variety of wagons under the standards of International Union of Railways (UIC) as well as other well-known brands. So far, Wagon Pars has exported over 2,000 wagons and bogies to the international markets.

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