Rumaila Power Plant: New Cooling System Increase Capacity of Two Gas Units

Two gas units of Rumaila Combined-Cycle Power Plant in Iraq have been equipped with with media-type turbine inlet air cooling system, leading to an increase in their power output.

The cooling system lowers the inlet air temperature to gas turbines by spraying water on special pads.

The system has been installed on units 9 and 10 of the power plant, resulting in an 18% power increase (about 20 MW) for each unit.

Preparations are underway to install the cooling system on other units as well.

This project is part of the service development programs of MAPNA Group outside Iranian borders.

Remileh combined cycle power plant, located near Basra in Iraq, has six combined cycle units, including 12 MAP2B gas turbine units with a capacity of around 3,200 MWs.

Shamara Holding was the client of the project which was implemented by MAPNA Services Division in cooperation with Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers Company and MAPNA Combined Cycle Power Plants Construction & Development Company (MD-2).

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