MAPNA Receives 1st FAC for Major Turbo Compressors Contract

MAPNA Group oil and gas subsidiary, Neyr Perse, has received the first final acceptance certificate (FAC) for a contract to supply 100 turbo compressors.
The FAC was issued after the company delivered four turbo compressors to Pol-e Kaleh compressor station in southwest Isfahan, Isfahan Province.
The project’s client, Iran Gas Engineering and Development Company (IGEDC), granted the FAC after a provisional acceptance certificate, a guarantee period, and the approval of the project’s operating company.
The certificate was presented in a ceremony attended by senior managers of IGEDC, Iranian Gas Transmission Company (the operating company), OIEC Group (the consultant), MAPNA Turbine Engineering and Manufacturing Company (the manufacturer of turbo compressors), MAPNA Neyr Perse, and MAPNA Electric & Control Engineering & Manufacturing Company.
MAPNA Group is the first and only Iranian company that has the know-how to manufacture turbo compressors and it has saved significant amounts of foreign currency by producing the key equipment domestically. The localization of turbo compressors has reached 85% progress, which exceeds the commitment made by the conglomerate in the contract.

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