MAPNA Air Division Obtains Part 147 Certificate

MAPNA Group has announced that its aviation training center has received the Part 147 certificate from Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization, allowing the center to offer Basic courses in aircraft maintenance and engineering.

The Part 147 certificate, or Maintenance Training And Examination Organization Approval Certificate, is issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is the official representative of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).  The certificate has two levels: Basic and Type. Having the Basic level certificate, centers can offer B1 and B2 courses. B1 (Aircraft Airframe & Power Plant Course) covers general knowledge and skills required for aircraft motors and bodies and B2 (Aircraft Electric & Electronic Course) covers aircraft’s electric and electronic sections.

The students who complete these courses and pass the exams can receive B1 and B2 degrees in this field. These degrees are among the professional requirements for employment in the aviation industry.

MAPNA Group’s Iranian Aero Engine and Equipment Engineering and Manufacturing Company obtained the Part 147 certificate after meeting all the legal, physical, technical, and human requirements for holding Basic courses. The center also underwent several audits by the chief inspector of the Civil Aviation Organization and passed them successfully. The center received the certificate in June 2023.

The certificate will enable the center to offer quality education and training in the aviation industry and to contribute to the development and improvement of the country’s aviation sector. The center will also be able to increase its income by attracting students from inside and outside the country and providing them with educational opportunities.

The validity of the certificate depends on the successful completion of periodic and case-by-case audits by the Civil Aviation Organization. The center is also planning and preparing to receive the Part 147 certificate for Type courses.

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